Please look at him, he’s only three months old, a human beast did this to him !

This beautiful puppy, at the dawn of his life, deserves every chance to live, play, and fill someone’s life with joy. But to make this possible, we need your help. The surgery and subsequent care are challenging and expensive, but together, we can give Eros the future he deserves.

Your generosity can literally save his life and turn his story of pain into one of triumph and love. Eros is more than just a puppy in need; he represents the spirit of resilience and the power of compassionate action.

Please donate for Eros’s surgery and care. Every contribution, no matter how small, will bring us closer to saving this precious life.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for showing that together, we can make miracles happen for animals in need.


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Donation Total: $50.00 Monthly

13 thoughts on “Please look at him, he’s only three months old, a human beast did this to him !”

  1. Margaret Anderson

    I’m very concerned for this puppy! However, I feel he is in the best hands with the best surgical team in the world!! Prayers for this sweet puppy!!🙏🙏🙏

  2. Poor little guy! I’ve made another small donation in addition to my monthly one. I do hope you can save him and help him lead a happy life with new loving owners.

  3. Leanne Ingle

    Just donated for this sweet boy, Eros, with the face of an angel.

  4. James Wykoff

    Hello Mr. Larkhill and your friend, the doctor and everyone involved in making Eros healthy again. I can’t imagine the pain he endured, I’m confident the surgery will be a success. May God Bless all you.

  5. Sylvia and family

    On behalf of my family, who loves our precious pooches. It’s not much but we hope this live lift this little life’s burden. We love you Eros and don’t give up on life sweetie pie. You still have more life to live.

  6. Catherine Malone

    Love the work you do. If everyone who watches your videos would just donate 20 dollars you could do wonders. I donated more than that and I hope it helps. Much love and prayers for the animals you save. It’s not right what people do to animals. It can be heartbreaking. Love what you do! God will bless your life. Sending love from America-Ohio.

  7. Here we are, once again, this time trying to fix the lak of proficionalism of a medicine doctor.
    This is unbeliveble!! Doctors are expected to save lives, not to kill them!!
    I do love animais! I myself have 6 dogs, Two cats, One GOAT ( ZÉ MANEL”) and Lot of horses. ALL of them have a place Im my heart. THEY ARE A PART OF ME!! I don’t imagine my life whithout them!
    That’s why i REALLY DON’T UNDERTAND WHY the ” human Race ?” can bem so cruel.
    I’m note a rich person. But give you all i can whith Open heart

    ( forgive my English. I’ m portugueses. I studed the English language…but so longe time ago…!! Some thing like 50years ago.

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