Do you want to be my friend?

Hope’s journey began in 2013 with a heartfelt plea from Özlem, a kind soul in Antalya, Turkey. She found him paralyzed and in dire condition, a victim of an accident and the neglect of those who should have cared for him. His suffering was compounded by improper use of a wheelchair at the clinic where he was being treated, causing him unimaginable pain and distress.

When we first heard Özlem’s desperate call for help, we knew we had to act so we put our network in motion. With the help of our Turkish friends Hope was brought to Spain where, after closely assessing his medical situation we accepted responsibility for his care, for life. Over the years, initially at the Pink Hope and more recently in his new home at the Great House we have provided Hope with the medical attention, love, and daily care he needed. His journey with us has been one of remarkable transformation, from a life of pain and abandonment to one filled with love and dignity.

** The Present **

Today, Hope lives his days surrounded by love and care at The Great House, but his needs are ongoing and complex. Despite his challenging past, Hope shows an incredible zest for life. He enjoys his days basking in the sun, receiving gentle care from our dedicated team, and interacting with both humans and fellow dog friends. However, the reality is that Hope requires continuous medical attention due to his paralysis, alongside daily necessities such as specialized nutrition, physical therapy, and regular veterinary check-ups.

The cost of providing Hope with the quality of life he deserves is substantial. Each month, we face expenses for his medical treatments, regular wheelchair, phisiotherapy, and other care essentials. Hope, our brave and beautiful boy, relies on the generosity and support of people like you to continue his journey of healing and happiness.

** Hope needs YOU **

We are reaching out to you, our compassionate Let’s Adopt! community to take part in Hope’s journey through sponsorship. Your support can make a monumental difference in Hope’s life. Sponsorship is more than just a donation; it’s a lifeline that ensures Hope continues to receive the best possible care. It’s a promise that we, as a community, are here for him, just as he has been here for us, bringing joy and inspiring resilience.

By sponsoring Hope, you will be directly contributing to:
– His ongoing medical treatments and medications.
– Maintenance and replacements of his specialized wheelchair.
– Daily care essentials like food, bedding, and hygiene products.
– Physical therapy sessions to ensure his comfort and well-being.

Every sponsor will be a part of Hope’s story, a beautiful tale of overcoming adversity with the power of collective kindness.

** How to Sponsor **

Becoming a sponsor for Hope is straightforward and impactful. Here’s how you can join us in this act of kindness:

1. Choose Your Sponsorship Level: Select the level of sponsorship to fit your capability. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant difference in Hope’s life.
3. Complete the Sponsorship: Fill in your details and complete the sponsorship. You will receive a confirmation along with updates about Hope’s progress and the difference your sponsorship is making.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the sponsorship process, please feel free to contact me at We are here to help!

I  want to extend our deepest gratitude for considering supporting Hope. Your sponsorship is not just a gesture of generosity, it´s an action that brightens Hope’s world and ours. Together, we can ensure that his days are filled with the love and care he so richly deserves.

Thank you for being a part of Hope’s journey and for showing that compassion knows no bounds. We look forward to welcoming you into our family of sponsors and sharing this journey of love and care with you.

With heartfelt thanks,


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