The hardest decision

Hello, it’s Viktor here.

Today, I can’t appear on camera as my doctor has strictly forbidden me to speak. But I still need to reach out to you with an urgent message about Tombo.

In yesterday’s video, I revisited the story of Tombo, one of the most heart-touching tales we’ve ever shared. Two months ago, Tombo’s family, facing a dire situation, reached out to us. Tombo, once a street puppy, has spent his life enveloped in love in a modest but caring home. But life has recently dealt this family a devastating blow.

The matriarch of the family, who took Tombo in, is battling late-stage bone cancer. Initially diagnosed with breast cancer, it has aggressively spread. In these moments, priorities shift; it becomes less about looking ahead and more about ensuring those who depend on you are taken care of. This incredible woman made the heart-wrenching decision to entrust us with Tombo, knowing her time was limited.

We vowed to be there for Tombo. After successfully removing a tumor from his mouth, we now face another challenge – a surgery for his perineal hernia, a condition impacting his quality of life.

Amidst this, I must share something I didn’t mention before. For the past two weeks, Tombo’s owner has been in the intensive care unit. Her condition is worsening, yet her family’s concern for Tombo never falters. They frequently reach out, amidst their own heartache, to check on their beloved dog.

As a community and as an organization, we might feel powerless to change the family’s circumstances. Yet, two months ago, we initiated a fundraiser to provide ongoing support during these tough times, and it has been a lifeline for them.

Now, it’s time to focus on Tombo. He needs to undergo surgery. And once that’s done, he will be ready to go to a loving home. Tombo’s journey is a testament to the power of our rescue community – he is part of all of us now.

Please, if you’re able to, contribute towards Tombo’s surgery. 

Let’s come together to ensure that Tombo gets the care he needs and deserves. Your donation can make a world of difference for Tombo, a dog who symbolizes the strength and compassion of our amazing rescue community.

Thank you for your support and kindness.


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5 thoughts on “The hardest decision”

  1. I have signed up for a $10.00 month auto payment. I will try and send you extra for Tombo
    God bless you for what you do

  2. Lura Carpenter

    I hope Tombo will come through his surgery with flying colors!! I’m really sorry to hear about Tombo’s family crisis! It was wonderful that Tombo and his family got to spend some wonderful times together, just sorry it’s not forever. Don’t worry Tombo, I’m sure Viktor and his angels will find a loving forever home for you as soon as you’re recovered. Thanks for being the terrific, loving, and caring people you are!!

  3. I feel so sorry for this poor family. In the midst of their own tragic circumstances they did what they knew was best for their beloved dog, a much loved member of their family, even though it meant having to part with him. I am not well off, but make a small monthly donation and a little extra whenever I can. I have made another donation for Tombo.

    Thank you for all you are doing for him and the other animals you care for. I hope Tombo’s surgery will be successful and he will be able to lead a happy and healthy life and once more know a loving and caring home.

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