The Moment of Truth for Tombo

Two months ago, we shared with you one of the most touching and human stories we’ve experienced in this organization: the story of Tombo. This little one was rescued from the streets by a girl who took him home, where he was welcomed as another member of their humble but loving family. With them, Tombo has had a life filled with affection and love.

However, tragedy has struck this family. The mother suffers from bone cancer and is confined to her home, and her daughter, with two young children, two dogs, and a cat, lives far away and cannot help as much as she would like.

Amid this difficult situation, Tombo began to develop a tumor in his jaw, which, if untreated, threatened to be fatal. At that point, the family wrote to us and pleaded for help.

Upon meeting Tombo, the first thing we did was take him to the hospital to evaluate the possibility of removing the tumor. There, we discovered that he also had a perineal hernia that needed to be operated on.

After careful preparation, we operated on Tombo to remove the tumor from his jaw. Now, after weeks of recovery, it’s time to face his second surgery, a perineal hernia that must be treated to improve his quality of life.

Tombo, an adorable dog with a heart of gold, needs our help.

Please donate, Tombo needs you.

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2 thoughts on “The Moment of Truth for Tombo”

  1. Trish Akana

    The added text on the screen to provide information is a great addition.

  2. Suzy Morrison

    I donate on a monthly basis as I believe unreservedly in what you do, but today, as I have a few times before, managed to find that little extra for a special baby’s need.
    He is such a beautiful boy that he deserves the very best quality of life, and I know that you’ll do all that is possible to give him that.
    Thankyou, Isodor and team, Viktor and your amazing team.
    God bless and much love Tombo.

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