It Has Been The Honour of My Career


I must share some news with you. For the last 10 days, I’ve been confined at home, largely incapacitated. The culprit? A severe flu that escalated into bronchitis. Currently, I’m on a course of strong antibiotics and, thankfully, am on the mend. However, a notable symptom persists – my voice, typically resonant and clear, has been reduced to a mere whisper. That’s why I’m turning to modern technology today, to assure you that, although I might be absent from our upcoming videos, I am very much here and will be providing narration for all our activities.

As I mentioned back in December, our focus this month is to connect with as many recurring donors as possible. The recent consolidation of our two rescue centers has led to some space challenges, and it’s crucial that we secure ongoing support for our permanent residents. 

And this brings me to Nancy. As you might have seen in our recent video during Christmas, Nancy fell seriously ill. Initially, we feared it was a stroke, but thankfully, further investigation led us to the correct diagnosis – a urinary tract infection. For the past eight years Nancy has been a cherished part of our rescue family, becoming an integral part of our daily life here. She’s an extraordinary dog who has triumphed over every challenge thrown her way. Many of you have come to know her, either personally or through our videos, and look forward to seeing her vibrant presence and boundless energy that so perfectly embodies our spirit.

Today, I reach out to everyone watching this video with a special request. In honor of Nancy, please consider becoming a recurrent  donor and Nancy’s sponsor.

For those who choose to sponsor Nancy, I’ll be sending out some wonderful images inspired by her as a token of our gratitude. Your long-term commitment will help support this remarkable dog and her ongoing care.

Please, consider become Nancy’s sponsor today… in the twilight of her years she needs us more than ever. 

Please Donate and sign up as Nancy’s Sponsor today!

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8 thoughts on “It Has Been The Honour of My Career”

  1. Edna Elena hall

    I am signed up already as a monthly donor. My favorite dog is German shepherd. Mine passed away peacefully at 12 1/2 yrs June 2022. But since I am almost 82, my age and physical problems prevents me from getting another dog. I read whatever rescues that are sent to me or on u tube. Get better quick!

    1. God bless your sweet heart, Edna! Perhaps you could contact a local service, where people bring pets to visit you? I hate to think of you not having that in your life. Take good care.💜

  2. Cheri Boston

    I know that my small donation is small because I have rescued 4 dogs and 3 cats and 7/12 chickens.Their vet bills, food bills and the other donations like the small amounts I give to my local shelter, the HSUS, ASPCA, THE DISABLED VETERANS, ST. JUDES CANCER HOSPITAL and other needy organizations take up most of my income from Social security. It’s all I can afford. I wish it could be more but I do what I can.

  3. Ilka Renard

    I’ve seen Nancy many times in your videos and I admire her strength and energy. She’s a great dog and it was possible only with your care and unconditional love that she’s still with us.
    Hugs to the medical team of Benissa Clinic and the team from Let’s adopt!

  4. Maryellen Lewis

    I wish I could giveve more for your blessed work, and for darling Nancy. But I & my sweet dog live on a very limited income.
    Please add this to my previous monthly donation. Thank you for all your work and your great heart. Get well soon!

  5. Hi, she’s a lovely girl! Just curious….has no one ever wanted to adopt her? I know she has her challenges, though there’s been others with various issues and those have been adopted. It’s a shame she’s been there so long without a forever home😢 At least she’s there with loving and caring people!!!

    Happy New Year
    God bless to all you angels! 🙏🏻

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