Look at her! we just rescued her from a cage at the pound!

We just returned to the pound, where amidst the harsh conditions, we found Dora. Trapped in a steel cage, she was a small, frightened figure, yet her eyes desperately sought human connection. As we opened the cage, she initially hesitated, caught between the urge to escape and her fear of the unknown. Eventually, her trust overcame her fear, and she stepped out into a new beginning.

Dora is now under our care at the hospital, receiving the medical attention she desperately needs. Her preliminary blood tests are encouraging, and we are awaiting further results on infectious diseases. Soon, she’s scheduled for surgery, including spaying, to prepare her for a healthier, safer life ahead.

Your support for Dora is not just an act of kindness towards her but a step towards realizing a larger dream. It’s about being a part of a movement that transforms lives. Every donation fuels our resolve to return to places like that pound, to save more lives, to face the challenges head-on. But we can’t do it without your help. 

By donating, you’re not just giving Dora a chance at a new life; you’re keeping our collective dream alive. You’re enabling us to continue our mission of rescue and transformation. 

Please donate. Your support is crucial in helping Dora and many others like her. Let’s keep the hope alive together.

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5 thoughts on “Look at her! we just rescued her from a cage at the pound!”

  1. I would desperately LOVE to adopt Dora… please 🙏 🙏 🙏 I live in Scotland. I have the means to support her for the rest of her life. I have a beautiful front and back garden. I live alone so no teenagers or any kids around!

    Please Vickto 🙏 I must have Dora the Explorer FUREVER xxx

  2. Love why you do. You are angels. I wish I could do A lot more! Maybe one day….soon.

  3. You and your crew are absolute angels Mr Larkhill. I wish I could jump in and help you on the spot but live here in the US. PLEASE KEEP DOING YOUR GODS WORK FOR THESE ANIMALS! Thank you!

  4. You are doing such remarkable work in the name of care and respect for all sentient creatures. I have already supported you twice and will gladly help you empty that place in the new year. Happy new year Louise

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