We rescue a dog living inside a cage in inhumane conditions !

The moment we entered the pound, Tana’s face is one I will never be able to erase from my memory. Trapped in a constricting wire cage, she was caught in an endless cycle of distress, circling in vain to escape the confines and the filth that surrounded her. Her desperation was palpable; the pool of waste she was forced to tread in was an indignity no living being should endure.

Tana’s longing for freedom was so intense that the instant we opened her cage, she didn’t hesitate. She bolted, finding refuge in our transport box as if she knew this was her passage to a new life.

Now, Tana is in the care of our hospital, where she is receiving the help and attention she desperately needs. However, her journey has just begun…

Please, Donate, help us save Tana ! 

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3 thoughts on “We rescue a dog living inside a cage in inhumane conditions !”

  1. helene diponzio

    What a sweet little dog. Even after being confined her tail is wagging like crazy. So glad that she didn’t have parvo or leshmaniasis. Another successful rescue from one of my favorite people! Thank you Viktor and wonderful loving team!

  2. Susan Hehir

    You are Angels. So many dogs around the world that need help, so many dogs that die in desperation and loneliness, but everyone that saved will go to heaven.

  3. Alice Ney-Wagner

    Tana is emotionally lost in her behaviour, having been neglected in her care and being so stressed is a normal reaction of the negligence she suffered from. With love from Ivan’s team she will be able to regain an incredible change in her future. I’m convinced that this sweet puppy will obtain alll the necessary help it deserves.

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