Brutal attack leaves dog in agony with multiple open fractures

Over the years we’ve encountered numerous cases of severe abuse and neglect, rescuing animals in dire need. However, nothing quite prepares us for the heart-wrenching sight of a kind and loving dog paralyzed by excruciating pain due to horrific injuries.

Today, I want to talk to you about Rosita. We don’t know the exact circumstances that led to her injuries, but the results are devastating. Rosita is suffering from a broken femur, an impacted hip, and her paw is in a particularly terrible state. The bones of her toes are completely shattered, resulting in an open fracture with bones protruding, cutting through muscle and skin. The sight is unbearable, and the pain she must have endured is unimaginable.

Currently, Rosita is at our hospital, where she’s receiving the best possible care. We’ve taken detailed x-rays and sent the measurements of her bones to a specialized facility that will create custom metal plates for her surgical treatment. She is being stabilized and thankfully feels no pain now, as she is on Buprex, a potent pain management medication.

Her surgery is impending, and as always, we are committed to giving her the best chance at a full recovery. But we can’t do this without your help. Please, if you can, consider making a donation to assist in Rosita’s surgery and recovery. 

Every bit of support counts in these critical moments.

With gratitude,
Viktor Larkhill 

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7 thoughts on “Brutal attack leaves dog in agony with multiple open fractures”

  1. My heart bleeds for this poor girl. How could someone be so evil to do this. I’m donating some more again Viktor, to try to help a little all the wonderful work you do mate. ❤️

  2. Brenda van Rensburg

    Hi Viktor

    I have donated to Rosita. A sweet little girl.

  3. Your doing a fantastic job Victor and all the people you work with. God bless all of you.❤️❤️❤️
    I pray Rosita has a great recovery. He’s so sweet for the horror he endured.

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