They kicked this kitty like a football, breaking him from the inside !

Of all the animals we have rescued, those suffering from animal abuse often arrive in the worst conditions. It’s a heartbreaking truth that behind the suffering of these helpless animals, there is almost always human cruelty. Today, I must share with you a particularly harrowing case—a tiny kitten, barely big enough to fit in the palm of your hand, who has been subjected to unthinkable abuseUsed as a football, kicked in the stomach, little Figaro now faces a life-threatening situation. His diaphragm is ruptured, and his intestines have been displaced, encroaching upon his lungs and heart. His condition is critical, and he struggles with every breath he takes, trapped in agony.

Figaro’s only hope lies in urgent surgery, a chance to repair the damage and offer him relief from his suffering. But we cannot do this alone—we need your help. 

By donating towards Figaro’s surgery, you can be part of his journey to recovery. Together, we can give him a second chance at life, a life where he can breathe freely and without pain.

Your generosity and support can transform Figaro’s life. Please consider donating to help us save this innocent soul. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to healing Figaro and providing him the care he so desperately needs. Thank you for your kindness and for being an integral part of this mission to save Figaro.

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3 thoughts on “They kicked this kitty like a football, breaking him from the inside !”

  1. people are so cruel to the things that can not fight for themselves they are all defenseless against a strong human or mean rotten human being animals have enough to worry about wildlife has to live outside in the worst of conditions dogs and cats have to take from humans the most awful abuse with no defense. How sad for wonderful loving animals who depend on human beings that are put here to love us and protect us but we turn on them and abuse them how sad for us to be so cruel

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