Tombo fights for his life

Your response to yesterday’s video was incredibly moving and filled me with pride. 
Now, let’s refocus on what truly matters. 
I invite you to witness the real challenges Tombo is facing. 
Please take a moment to watch Tombo’s journey at the hospital.
I urge you to watch until the end

Please donate, help us save Tombo. 


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10 thoughts on “Tombo fights for his life”

  1. Susan Boothroys

    I donated yesterday,this is for Tombos family.if I could,I would give his lovely family lots of money,so they could live well for years,and let them have Tombo back too.if only we could heal them all ,physically as well.,and get them all the help and support they need for the rest of their lives.

  2. Gary Thomas

    Hi again I put another 25 dollars in that taps me for this month Tombo still has that come on guys give me a few more years look so let’s do our best. Thanks so much for your work.

  3. In addition to my monthly donations, I’ve made an extra one for darling Trombo. He’s so sweet! Irresistible.
    Dear Viktor, Isador, and your crews, thank you for your life- saving work.

  4. Maya Jenks

    Hi Ivan and Linda, I have just watched Tombo video, and hopefully you can remove all the tumour. Will Tombo go back to his family when he is well enough. I could see the love the family and Tombo have for each other

  5. Charley J.

    I donate to this cause on a monthly basis. I love the work they do to save the animals. Please consider donating to this group. They have already saved so many animals, but the cost is high and they need all our help.

  6. Dear Viktor
    I am filled with both sadness and gratitude every time I see a new ‘rescue’ you are helping. I have only just seen yesterday’s video and can only say I was biting back tears for that poor lady and her daughter – they obvious love Tombo so much and you could see that love was returned and he was really resisiting being forced to part from them. Of course he didn’t know it was to save his life. I can’t believe people could judge a family like that without knowing the full facts – but then I can’t believe the cruelty and neglect shown by some so-called human beings either! I can’t imagine how I could bear having to part with my own little ‘rescue’, who is now eleven years old and who my late husband and I adopted from a shelter when he was two years old. I am a pensioner, but give a small donation every month and extra when I can. I’ve just made a donation for Tombo, and I hope you can save him and nure him back to health. At least then his family will know their sacrifice was worth all the tears. Thank you for all you do for these dear animals. God bless you.

  7. Audrey crabtree

    I hope tombo will make a full recovery ,I feel for the family it’s heart breaking to watch ,I t would be lovely if tombo could be reunited with them ,I really admire you all for the work you do ,

  8. I donated. It’s the least I can do for this sweet boy. No helpless animal should suffer as he is right now. I hope others will donate to help, especially during this Thanksgiving season of being thankful for our blessings.

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