We have to talk… something has happened…

I come to you today with a video that deviates from our usual content. 

I won’t preface it with any details, as I believe it’s crucial for you to experience it firsthand. 

Please take a moment to watch. 

I encourage you to watch with an open heart and reflect deeply on its message. It holds significant importance for us all.

Warm regards,


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12 thoughts on “We have to talk… something has happened…”

  1. Khrystyna853

    Hi, Viktor.
    You were right. This is an excellent video. We really can’t afford this donation right now, but Tombo and his family need it more than anything. We have also recently been through an episode where local vet clinics would not help us in an emergency situation. They had previously told us that they could not, or would not, reduce the price of spays, neuters and vaccines for our rescue, and we eventually found one that would. Well, our rescue-friendly vet was not in town when our emergency happened, so we had to turn to our previous clinics. They told us we were no longer their clients. They finally agreed to help our little rescue guy on an emergency basis, charging us two or three times the regular rates, but when this was done, they told us to not come back. We finally found a vet that gave our little guy the surgery he needed, not just a $2,300 bandaid solution. In all we have now spent around $7,000 to save this little guy’s life, but now we do not have enough money to get a new well drilled, as ours is failing…
    Viktor, what you are doing and saying in this video is very important… I am glad you have the platform to address all the “judges” at once. I often go through the comments, and try to respond to, or inform, people who say things that are judgmental or uneducated. But, that gets exhausting, and I sometimes wonder if it ever helps. Thank you for your work. It helps us all. ❤️🐾💕

  2. Dorothy Pollak

    Oh Viktor, where is the compassion for the people who love the dog, and who the dog loves? It breaks my heart that I can’t give at the moment; I’ll try to give some when I get my Social Security on December 1. If we are compassionate, it should be for humans as well as animals. There aren’t rescues and agencies on every corner offering financial help. Let’s Adopt is unique in what they do. How dare people judge these people? It can’t have been easy for them to even get the dog there, when thousands of people would have opted for euthanasia. Viktor, Hod bless you for seeing all sides of this situation and responding with your whole heart. 🤗🤗🤗 Hugs and love for who you are and what you do, and all the best to Tombo and his family. To the family I want to say, ignore the ignorance of those who judge, and may God bless you during this season of life that is so difficult and heart wrenching. I will keep you in my prayers. Please, Viktor, let the family know I am praying for them, and feel free to give them my name so they can understand this is a real person who is reaching out with God’s love for them. As always, Viktor, I LOVE WHAT YOU DO, AND I LOVE YOUR HEART OF COMPASSION!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Dear Dorothy,

      Your message and the compassion you’ve shown for Tombo and his family have deeply moved me. Thank you not only for your generosity but also for recognizing the complexities and the human struggle entwined in animal rescue. Your support, in any form, is invaluable to us.

      I share your sentiment on compassion extending to all living beings, and I will convey your prayers and thoughts to Tombo’s family. Your kindness is a beacon of hope during challenging times.

      Please, take care of yourself first, and know that your contribution goes beyond monetary means; it is the spirit of support and understanding that truly carries us forward.

      With sincere gratitude and the promise to keep you updated on Tombo’s journey,

      Warm regards,

  3. Such a beautiful message Victor. It had me in tears. And the woman and the girl-I can only imagine how difficult it was for them to give up their dog. I hope that maybe they willl be able to adopt Tombo after his surgery and recovery. They will be in my prayers.

  4. Victor,
    I am sorry you have to go through this. Some people are heartless. but we help them. Animals are helpless, we have to help them. I donated immediately to Tombo
    yesterday. Please help him this will help his family, and his care giver will be aware and rest in piece. Your group are amazing!

    Love you all
    Catherine B

  5. Maureen D Lahti

    This is for Tombo with love, most positive thoughts, and prayers that God and all Tombo’s caretakers are able to get him through this most serious crisis. How can anybody looks into the eyes of this precious creature created and sent to us by God, then deny him the help he deserves for a healthy, happy life, being loved to the moon and back?! God bless Tombo, all his caretakers, and supporters!

  6. Leonidas Gonzalez

    Hi Victor,
    I just donated $100.00 for Tombo. Sometimes people do not connect with the urgency at hand. They don’t see a major medical condition and instead see this situation with Tombo as a human tragedy that has affected this poor puppie because their personal problems. They blame the people for ignoring it for so long and this affects their decision to help. You don’t ignore this and you’re touched by the human condition and it doesn’t affect your decision to help. You have a “Big Heart” and that makes the difference.

    1. Dear Leonidas,

      Thank you very much for your donation to Tombo. I completely share your perspective; it’s curious how people project judgments and blame in situations like Tombo’s, focusing on punishing or judging rather than addressing the problem we can actually solve. Your support and understanding are invaluable to us. I truly appreciate your presence and assistance in our mission.

      With gratitude,

      1. Hello Viktor, your empathy, compassion and caring towards Tombo and his family, who love their dog but are going through such horrendous circumstances is heartbreaking. I made a donation towards Tombo’s care and surgery yesterday. It’s truly disgusting that people are so quick to judge poor Tombo’s family. God bless them, I hope they can take comfort in knowing that Tombo is in yourself, Isadore and his marvellous veterinary team’s care and compassion. Love and hugs to Tombo from my wee Georgiekins & me xx

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