Emergency! He has a tumor on his mouth and he has lost his family !

In the world of animal rescue, each story often mirrors not just the plight of an animal, but also the human struggles entwined with it. Today, I bring you a tale that is as heart-wrenching as it is touching, a story that speaks to the bonds of family and the love that endures the toughest of times.

Eleven years ago, a story began with a simple yet profound act of kindness – a young girl, found a stray puppy on the streets and brought him home. Her mother accepted him and agreed he could stay. She named him Tombo, and from that moment, their lives became inextricably linked.

Tombo grew up in the loving embrace of this girl and her family. Despite their modest means, they ensured he never lacked for a warm bed, nutritious food, and, most importantly, love in abundance. However, as the years rolled by, the family’s circumstances took a turn for the worse, plunging them into a state of increasing desperation.

Today, eleven years on, Tombo faces a severe health challenge – a tumor has taken root on his jaw.The mother, now an elderly woman grappling with bone cancer, is also the sole caregiver for her sister, who is blind and bedriddenThe little girl who once rescued Tombo has grown into a young woman of twenty-three, facing her own set of overwhelming challenges. Living in a nearby village, she is now a mother to two young children, one two years old and the other not yet a year old. She is out of her depth, struggling to juggle the demands of motherhood and the dire situation at home. Despite her deep love for Tombo, she is incapable of providing the care he urgently requires.

Confronted with this dire family situation, they made the most painful decision imaginable.They reached out to me for help, entrusting me with the life of their beloved dog, Tombo. It was a decision borne not out of neglect, but out of a profound sense of love and the realization that sometimes, letting go is the only way to truly help.

Tombo is now in the hospital, under our care. Our priority is his health and well-being. We are doing everything we can to stabilize him, conduct the necessary tests, and prepare him for the surgery he urgently needs.

This story is more than just an account of an animal in need; it’s about the enduring strength of love through adversity, about a family that, despite their own overwhelming struggles, chose to do right by their loyal companion.

Now, we have a chance to make a difference. Tombo needs our help. I humbly ask you to consider donating to support Tombo’s treatment and recovery. Your generosity can bring hope and relief to a dog who has been a source of unconditional love and joy for over a decade…

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Thank you for being part of this incredible journey of compassion and resilience. Your support means everything to us, and to Tombo.

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16 thoughts on “Emergency! He has a tumor on his mouth and he has lost his family !”

  1. Hola Viktor ~ I have sent £10 towards Tombo’s veterinary care. Poor wee soul. What would all these poor animals do without you. What a tragic set of circumstances for this poor dog’s family xx

  2. For Tombo or as needed.
    Blessings to his family and to Viktor, staff and Veterinary staff.
    Thank you.🐶❤️

  3. Vera Georgieff

    I know that nowadays everybody is going through a lot, many terrible things happening around the world are making our lives, especially the lives of those poor animals, more and more unbearable and almost impossible to live; what I just can’t understand is WHY this lady waited THAT LONG to ask for help for this angel Tombo. My God, you’re at reach for anybody asking for help so, WHY? Please everybody, don’t do that ever.

  4. Alice Ney-Wagner

    Tombo deserves help. His previous family will be relieved in knowing that people
    care for him.
    Love Alice

  5. Martha Weber

    I have just donated as much as I could to Tombo. I saw your video and was so moved by the emotion in your voice, imploring for people to stop judging them so harshly and try to understand the heartbreak they felt as they were forced to say goodbye to a very loved member of their family. I have learned that empathy does not seem to be in many people’s nature – they do not have the ability to understand other circumstances. Turning their beloved dog over to a rescue organization that will care for him with love was an act of love on their part – not laziness. You could see in the video that Tombo did not like what was happening, that he did not understand but knew something was very wrong. He was nervous and confused. But this family loved him enough to do what was best for him, and unfortunately that meant turning him over to someone else. Please let this family know that they have the love and support of many of us, and they must ignore the negativity and bitterness that will also accompany this.

  6. Aww sweet heart all the best for tomorrow, I hope you’re feeling better soon. ❣️xx

  7. Monica Rhodes

    Wishing Tombo a great life and thank you for what you do for animals.

  8. Mrs Bolhuis

    Good evening.
    I don’t know if my earlier message reached you because I got technical problems. I try again. I watched the video of Tombo and I would really want the family and Tombo to be together again. Isn’t there a possibility to raise a fund for the family so after Tombo’s surgery he can go home again? There is so much love in that family, they are going through a terrible time and they shouldn’t be apart from their dog. Please let me know!

    1. Thank you for reaching out with your kind-hearted message and concern for Tombo and his family. Unfortunately, due to the severe health and living conditions of the family, reuniting them with Tombo is not a viable option. The well-being of both Tombo and the family is our top priority, and sometimes the hardest decisions are made with the most love.

      Please know that the family has made this choice from a place of love and trust in us to provide Tombo with the care he needs. And rest assured, we are planning a special fundraiser to support the family during this challenging time and ensure they are also taken care of this Christmas. Your empathy and suggestions are truly valued, and we will keep our community updated on both Tombo’s progress and the family’s situation.

      Best regards,

  9. I want to donate for Tombo eventhough I am donating on Patreon. When I donate on Patreon I see Patreon in my Visa. What name will I see in my Visa when I donate for Tombo ? Iam so afraid of scammers.

  10. i have send a donation for this little dog. i can feel with this people as i know that you almost never get help with vet costs at all. i had same problem some years ago. my cat had accident and needed intensive care in hospital he been there 2 weeks and i havnt had a job and just very few money i went to “Tafel” in austria to get some food. my cat died after 2 weeks he been 13 years old and his kidneys stoped working at the end. the bill been more than 1500 euros thats a lot when you just get 1000 for 2 persons and have to pay for the house credit 700 a month and i also had 10 saved cats and 3 saved dogs at that time. i created greeting cars and did a lot of other things myself to sell to get some money in also went to fleemarket to sell things. and i managed it at least but its been realy hard. so i can understand how this family is feeling i pray that you can save this little dog and send it back health and well back to them. keep your great work going. i donate each month and when i have something in spare i also send it. take care

  11. Anna vamvakias

    Blessings for saving this beloved dog. I feel confident Tombo will recover to live a longer life with another loving family.

  12. Amanda L Davis

    I pray Tombo gets well quickly and goes home to his owner. I hope this didn’t mean she had to give him up for forever!

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