Peter is receiving new blood!

Three days ago my brother and I drove to a nearby province to rescue a dog that had been found in a critical condition. 

We called him Peter… 

Today marks an important step in Peter’s road to recovery: a vital blood transfusion is scheduled, which we anticipate will fortify his strength and enhance his ability to combat leishmaniasis, a serious condition he’s currently battling.

We’re calling on our community to rally for Peter. The treatment path ahead is challenging and costly. It’s your recurring donations that empower us to continue this critical work. These consistent funds will ensure Peter—and many others like him—receive the life-saving care they deserve.

Please, if you can, sign up for a monthly donation. Your sustained support means we can focus on healing, not on how to fund the next treatment.

Stand with Peter. Let’s show him the strength of the community that’s fighting for his life.

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3 thoughts on “Peter is receiving new blood!”

  1. Brenda L Mason

    Peter must be terribly confused. People seem to be treating him kindly, but then they stick something in his leg that hurts him. He can’t understand that it is life-giving blood to help him become the dog he is meant to be. He has a soft, clean bed in a safe place and the veterinarians are doing whatever they can to help him. Bless you all and Godspeed.

  2. Vera Georgieff

    Viktor, we know that those MONSTERS around the world keep on doing these monstrosities and, I pray for it, they’ll certainly be punished at any point of their life here (I hope), one way or the other. People like me and, especially you, are doing our best to help them because we’re their only hope. I hope that all the people around the world keep watching you (like me), following you, and continue to help, one way or the other, this magnificent cause helping those undeniable mistreated (without any fault of their on) animals. Thank you very much Sir Viktor Larkhill and team.

  3. Alice Ney-Wagner

    Delighted to see Peter has responded to his blood transfusion, he is in a much better shape, getting a bath makes him feel comfortable. I’m sure he will be a handsome boy after all the medical treatment. Wish him a good adoption family.
    Tks Alice

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