I found him in a cage, his spirit is broken !

In yesterday´s post, I shared a very difficult video — the rescue of Peter. Found wandering the streets, barely able to stand, he was picked up by a collection team and placed in a municipal shelter. Overwhelmed and unable to provide the care he needed, the shelter turned to us for help.

Upon our arrival, we found Peter confined to a steel cage, his eyes waiting for a glimmer of hope. We expressed our gratitude to the shelter for recognizing Peter’s dire need for specialized care and reaching out. Peter’s plight is a somber testament to the profound neglect some animals suffer at the hands of humans. Yet, now he is in the care of an organization driven by boundless compassion and commitment to those without a voice.

We implore you to help us save Peter. Your donations are the lifeline for his recovery and the recovery of many others like him. I would ask you to please consider donating on a recurrent basis.; your sustained support is the bedrock of our continued efforts.

With heartfelt thanks,


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5 thoughts on “I found him in a cage, his spirit is broken !”

  1. Peter is going to heal very well I think. I see it. YEAH ! Peter, but your left ear ?


  2. kinga kozak

    Hola Victor, thank you for rescuing this dog, Peter:-) just donated; wonderful dog, God bless, Kinga K.

  3. Sorensen Tracy

    Peter is the sweetest soul. He is now with the best people I know to take care of him and help him heal in all ways. God bless you all.

  4. So heartbreakaiang. I make a regular small monthly donation but have sent another donation for Peter, I hope you will be able yo heal him and let him knowthe love and care he has obviously never had, and help him trust again. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Frances Slifko

    Please accept this donation toward Peter’s care along with my love and deepest appreciation for what your organization does and of course all the medical personnel involved. When will all the cruelty and torture toward animals end is what I often ask myself. Thank God for all of you.

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