Everyone saw this dog suffering on the streets… but they ignored him !

I received an urgent plea for assistance, a common beginning for many of our rescue operations. A dog, now named Peter by our team, was found in a village, wandering, lost, and struggling to walk. After a two-hour drive, we arrived at a remote shelter, unprepared for the disheartening scene before us. Peter was trapped inside a metal cage, his eyes reflecting utter desolation.

We transported Peter to the veterinary hospital, where he was immediately assessed. His condition is dire. He is battling severe anemia, and we are working tirelessly to stabilize him in preparation for a blood transfusion, which will occur tomorrow or the next day, contingent on his current state.

The prognosis is further complicated by a diagnosis of leishmaniasis. Now, Peter’s life hinges on your help. Your contribution, no matter the size, is essential.

Peter’s journey to recovery will be ongoing; he will require continuous care and resources. We humbly ask that you consider setting up a recurring donation to provide a steady stream of assistance that Peter, and others like him, will need in the long run.

Please donate to help us save Peter…

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5 thoughts on “Everyone saw this dog suffering on the streets… but they ignored him !”

  1. I almost didn’t donate because I can afford to donate so little on a regular basis. Then I realised that there must be many people in my position but if we all donate our small amount on a regular basis then that small amount could turn into a significant amount to help Viktor and his team continue their incredible work changing and improving desperate dogs lives. Please join me in making a regular donation however small. It WILL make a difference.

  2. I cry when I look at this dog and don’t want to imagine what happened to his ear… bless his little heart. I am SO very happy that you are taking care of him. I have had dogs all of my life and love them so much… my last 3 were Mini Doxies. All gone now and I am so lonely without them at 95. Blessings to you for taking care of these orphans and I pray for them to find good and loving homes.

    God is watching over you. How could he not?

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