Lucky has left us

Our hearts are heavy as we bid farewell to Lucky, a soul whose story captured the hearts of many. 

The first glimpse we had of Lucky was through a grainy video, taken in a remote village near Seville. He lay helpless by the roadside, fighting against the cruel hands of fate. The raw footage painted a clear picture: Lucky was amidst the fiercest battle of his life.

Our dedicated team, moved by his plight, embarked on a relentless 12-hour journey with a single aim – to bring Lucky to a sanctuary where he could have a fighting chance. When they reached him, the enormity of his condition was glaring. He was gripped by not one, but four perilous diseases.

Each ailment was daunting, and combined, they posed an almost insurmountable challenge. But in the face of such adversity, Lucky’s spirit shone undiminished. With powerful medications and unwavering care, the once dimmed light in Lucky’s eyes began to blaze brighter with each passing day.

The world bore witness to his resilience. Lucky’s undying spirit served as an emblem of hope and determination for countless souls. His journey, marked by pain and adversity, gradually transformed, revealing a radiant new coat that shimmered with life.

Upon stepping into the great house, a realization dawned on Lucky – he was finally home. His days were a symphony of joy, playfulness, and the unwavering love of those around him.

However, destiny had one more twist in store. The marks on his skin, once believed to be scars of a troubled past, were diagnosed as lymphoma. Undeterred, we geared up, initiating chemotherapy. True to his nature, Lucky once again displayed his steadfast spirit, showing signs of recovery and returning to his playful self.

But life, in its unpredictable nature, had other plans. As days turned to weeks, the shadow of metastasis began its relentless march. Yet, even in the face of such harrowing odds, Lucky’s spirit remained unbroken. He embraced every moment, reveling in love and play till the very end.

Surrounded by love, enveloped in tender care, Lucky peacefully transitioned to the next journey.

Though his time on this earthly plane was brief, Lucky’s legacy will forever remain. A beacon of hope, resilience, and testament to the unparalleled power of love. 

Lucky, you are and will always remain irreplaceable. May you find peace in the realms beyond. Forever cherished, forever in our hearts. 

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