Murphy has left the hospital !

Dear friends,

Today brings some wonderful news that warms our hearts: Murphy has left the hospital! The journey he embarked on was a daunting one; arriving at the hospital, he could barely muster the strength to stand, let alone walk. Yet, against all odds, Murphy exited those hospital doors with vigor, tugging at the lead as if he’s been waiting for this day forever.

Murphy has now settled into the Great House where he will continue his path to recovery. With each passing day, we grow hopeful that soon we’ll be sharing news of his final adoption. 

Your unwavering support has played an instrumental role in Murphy’s story. Every kind word, every gesture, every donation has contributed to his miraculous turnaround. We humbly request that you continue your generous support, as it helps not just Murphy, but countless others waiting for their second chance at life.

Please, if you’re in a position to, consider donating. Your kindness ensures that we can continue this mission of love, rescuing animals like Murphy and giving them the futures they deserve.

With deepest gratitude,

Viktor Larkhill

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3 thoughts on “Murphy has left the hospital !”

  1. Tracy Sorensen

    Hi, Viktor. Please investigate DMSO which you can buy on Amazon and it is an expensive. They have been using this product for over 60 years on people and animals, and I use it all the time on my bad back plus my dogs if they get injured and it’s soft tissue or if they’re kind ends start giving them problems and they start limping. They use it a lot in the horse race injury to help heal soft tissue injuries as well. it’s primary benefit is to significantly reduce inflammation, allowing the muscles to relax, and the bones to return to their normal position. I also would find a chiropractor that adjust dogs, etc. They can greatly restore, joint mobility and relieve pain. I have used this technique on all of my dogs for the past 25 years. I am not sure about the licensing restrictions in your country, as in the United States, they are regulated by State as to what a chiropractor can do. This is different and acupuncture and treatment that can be provided for dogs as well. They are determined to be subluxations on the x-rays by your veterinarians. Maybe they can suggest someone who can do this for you. We have a good friend here who is a chiropractor and has adjusted the racehorses locally for the last 30 years and actually has a special room to bring any kind of animal with a spine. He can’t charge for the service, so he takes a $10 donation for every adjustment. You can also buy a red light therapy wand on Amazon, which really helps heal muscle and tendon issues

  2. Lura Carpenter

    Yay, Murphy!!! We are soooo happy, happy for you!!! Love you, Murphy!! Keep getting better and better, you will get your best home soon! Thank you Viktor and your angels! ❤🥰❤

  3. Hooray, so very wonderful to see Murphy’s progress. Thank you thank you. He is really a dear soul. Best healing wishes for his comfortable future and a new forever home.
    I wanted to adopt one of your cats. Then Oct 21st I was asked if I could care for a stray male orange tabby that was living outside for at least 3 months. He arrived the next day and i am grateful for the timing as the past 3 days have dropped to 1°c. So wonderful to have a 4 legged friend again.

    Miracles arrive in many ways. xo

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