Emergency! Marco cannot breathe!.. he´s dying !

The silence is broken by the sound of a labored and exhausting breath. Each breath is a battle, a desperate attempt to cling to life. Every inhalation is like swallowing thorns, sharp and piercing, scraping and scratching the inside of his throat. Laryngeal paralysis has robbed Marco of his ability to breathe freely. Every intake of air is agony.

The air that once flowed easily now feels like an insurmountable barrier. Marco feels his lungs desperately crying out for oxygen, but the intake is limited, as if an invisible fist is strangling his throat. The sounds he makes while trying to breathe are guttural, raspy; it’s impossible to live this way.

With each attempt, the desperation growsMarco’s eyes cloud over, and he feels a pressing weight on his chest that doesn’t relent.Marco wants to run, to escape from this betraying body, to find relief in some corner where the air flows freely. His legs tremble, and he feels panic taking over him. Marco tries to look around, searching for a sign, a helping hand, a solution to this torment. But all he finds is darkness and the sound of his breathing, a constant reminder of the battle he faces.

Laryngeal paralysis is a silent enemy, one that steals the essence of what it means to be alive. Every day is a fight, a test of endurance, a race against time. Yet in his heart, Marco has always held onto the hope that someone, somewhere, might hear his plea and offer him a cure to all this pain…

Marco needs to undergo surgery urgently. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “Emergency! Marco cannot breathe!.. he´s dying !”

  1. Sorensen Tracy

    My Lab had that. They can operate to tie back the muscles. No more swimming in deep water. I contributed. Hoping we can help him.

  2. Praying that Marco gets some kind of relief today and that the surgery goes very well tomorrow. He is a beautiful, precious boy 🥰. I donated also.

  3. Praying 🙏🏻 that Marco will receive some kind of help today. Seeing him in distress like that is heartbreaking. Also, praying 🙏🏻 that he will be able to get treatment tomorrow that will resolve his breathing problems. He is such a beautiful , precious boy 🥰. I donated also.

  4. Martha Weber

    Please use this small donation for Marco, and keep us updated on his progress. Thank you.

  5. I donated. I wish I could have donated more but I know every bit helps.

    Marco will be in my thoughts as the hours go by today. I truly hope he makes it. He deserves a long and happy life. 🤍

  6. Maureen D Lahti

    I donated to help Marco. This is very serious! I can well imagine what he’s going through! I pray to our Good Shepherd to get this little fella through this crisis with the chance for a long, healthy, happy life being so very much loved. These babies deserve EVERY chance! NOTHING is wasted on them! THEY want to live, too! God bless everybody helping for this to happen!

  7. This breaks my heart- to have to fight so hard for each breath. He’s so beautiful. I do give monthly, but did also donate specifically for this precious soul today. 🥰

  8. Cheri Boston

    I have been trying to donate a small amount using my MasterCard but for some unknown reason, it won’t go through. What else can I do to help Marco????

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