Nano, the gentle giant needs you today !

Let me share a poignant tale with you. About eighteen months ago, a friend brought to my attention a unique Leonberger Mastiff, bred to guard and shepherd. Intended as a sheep guardian, his physical deformities became clear upon personal encounter. Every limb was misshapen, with his hips in dire condition. Yet, Nano’s tender gaze convinced us to intervene.

We began with his front legs. After four surgeries—two on each leg, focusing on the elbow and the bone alignment—his progress was evident. Although many supported initially, assistance began to taper off. Yet, Nano’s spirit remained unyielding with each update.

Now, another hurdle awaits. His front legs are healed, but the hind limbs need attention. Recent x-rays emphasize their repair for a successful hip prosthesis. Nano’s journey isn’t a brief emergency but a prolonged battle, amplified by his size and associated pain.

I’ve always kept you updated about Nano, and he’s captured many hearts. Today, I seek your support again. Consider his journey, his challenges, and his enduring spirit. Nano deserves a pain-free life.

With a plea that resounds with urgency, please consider donating to Nano’s cause. Each contribution, big or small, will propel us closer to a world where Nano can run free, unburdened. Your generosity can rewrite the destiny of this gentle giant.

Let Nano’s recovery be the testament to human kindness and compassion. Gift Nano the life he deserves.

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6 thoughts on “Nano, the gentle giant needs you today !”

  1. I just gave. I want to see Nano have his best life with a new family. <3

  2. Frank Badics

    Sending blessings to you, your team and all the wonderful animals you rescue!

  3. Vera Georgieff

    Hi Viktor!
    Thank you very much for being the best human being anyone could possibly ask for, especially those poor angels like Nano. I’ve been following you, your work, your team’s work, and your rescued pets; all of you are just amazing. I still crying for Chico but, you did your maximum. I’ve been trying to adopt from you but, I couldn’t send you the pictures you’re asking for, so far (busy with my pets). Every bit of money I can afford to send to you, believe me, I do. Please, always send me information through emails about every pet rescued.

    God bless you all,

    Vera Georgieff

  4. Sending you $100.00 USD for Nano. Take care of my Big Boy. I feel for him because I am myself recuperating from COVID damage and a Myeloma in my lung.
    Thank you for the work you do for the furry creatures.🙏

  5. Maureen D Lahti

    This is for the beautiful boy, Nano. I love you. I have the “Power of the Paw” and the “Power of Prayer” going on for you. God bless.

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