Incredible!! Someone has thrown this kitten off a cliff!!!

Human evil, at times, surpasses our understanding. The police have brought us Blue, a kitten whom some unscrupulous individuals decided to throw off a cliff.
Upon observing him, we immediately noticed the signs of his suffering: a cranial trauma revealing the brutal impact of his fall, and the potential fracture of one of his paws. Each gaze, every feeble meow, is a silent scream of his pain and confusion. Behind those frightened eyes, there’s nothing but a tiny being full of innocence, who has never harmed anyone. Probably, like many other kittens, Blue was merely seeking sustenance on the streets, hoping for a kind gesture to offer him some food or affection.

Now, Blue is under our care, admitted to our veterinary clinic. We are doing everything we can to stabilize him. In addition to the trauma, Blue has a vestibular syndrome, a condition that affects his balance, preventing him from standing without wobbling and falling. This syndrome often results from severe traumas, corroborating the severity of his fall.

It’s incredible, and sadly heartbreaking, to think that there are individuals capable of committing such acts of cruelty. But Blue is not alone. Since he came into our hands, we’ve committed to providing him all the love and care he needs. We won’t rest until we see him healthy and happy again.

Blue needs your help… please Donate, help us save him.

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9 thoughts on “Incredible!! Someone has thrown this kitten off a cliff!!!”

  1. Susan Boothroyd

    Love cats,just taken one on now,from r.s.p.c.a.hes been neglected,has very bad ear infection,now on antibiotics and steroids,they said it could be caused by cancer,so swab has to be taken,also u need him to be neutered,so I’m quite worried about him as he will hardly stay in,only food times,I worry about him on roads.

  2. Evil humans how could they do this to an innocent kitten. I find it totally inexplicable to understand how someone could harm such an innocent baby 😭😢😭😢😭😢 xx

    1. Leigh Bardel

      Humans are evil and need to be punished Cats are the best animals in the world they deserve to be loved and treated with love if l could find the bastxxxs that did this to this beautiful cat l would throw them over the cliff myself and make sure they suffer Karma needs to visit them

  3. There was even a Pope from Medieval times (Gregory IX) who encouraged the people of Europe to kill Cats, believing they came from the Devil. No Biblical proof behind this, but many Cats in turn were viciously slain in obedience to a man who possessed a sick mind. Then an explosion of the Rat population took place, bringing disease. This caused the humans of the day to realize who the evil ones truly were: themselves. To this day, Gatophobia is a loathsome, irrational mental condition that causes people to do what was done to Blue- but amazingly, his survival shows that love overcomes hate, or a Cat may have more than one life, after all…

  4. Paula Sibley

    I have donated but wish I could do more. I am always shocked by how evil some people can be. Thank goodness there are kind people too. Thank you for caring for Blue xx

  5. Gloria A. Pascua

    I am inspired with what Mr. Viktor Larkfill and his group are doing. I hope their passion continues all over the world. Praying to our Dear Lord’s blessings in abundance for their continuity.

  6. I have no words🫣… just tears. 🥹
    But I am sending Blue my ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and warmest thoughts to get well. Even with head trauma an animal can recover. His bones would heal. I wish him to find an adoring human being who loves him.

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