Murphy is feeling better!

Today, I have some heartwarming news to share. After nearly two tumultuous weeks, I am elated to report that Murphy is feeling much better!

I invite you to witness this change for yourself by watching today´s video. His renewed spirit and palpable shift in demeanor will surely touch your heart. It’s evident that the meticulous care and medical interventions are paying off.

In a couple of days, Murphy will undergo a CT scan. This will provide us with a deeper understanding of his back issues, and whether a surgical procedure might be beneficial to further alleviate his pain.

While we celebrate this positive shift, Murphy’s journey is still ongoing. He remains under our vigilant care in the hospital. We’re meticulously addressing his anemia and focusing on his holistic recovery.

As always, we’re able to continue our mission thanks to the generous support of our community. Murphy’s treatment relies on your kindness. 

If you’re able to, please consider contributing to his medical fund. Every little bit goes a long way in ensuring Murphy, and others in our care, get the second chance they so rightfully deserve. 

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1 thought on “Murphy is feeling better!”

  1. Murphy, you are a gorgeous handsome boy, continue your good work in getting better. You are doing so well~ and have many people rooting for you to make a 100% recovery. It’s beautiful to see updates on this beautiful boy 💙🥰🐾🐾 xx

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