After years of neglect Murphy gets a bath !

It´s been a week since we rescued Murphy… a dog of unimaginable sweetness, he was discovered laying down by a garbage container. His life marked by abuse and neglect. His scars, both visible and invisible, tell a story that we can never fully understand, but we’re committed to changing.

Adjusting to a new life is challenging for any rescue, but it’s especially difficult when the dog in question has a background like Murphy’s. When love and care are foreign concepts, even the kindest touch or the softest voice can be frightening. The process of adapting to a new reality, one that offers him nothing but love and care, has been a slow but steady one for Murphy. 

Today marks a milestone. After days of fear, uncertainty, and medical tests, Murphy received a bath—a simple, yet transformative experience. For dogs like him, a bath isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s symbolic of a fresh start. Invigorated and feeling probably the best he’s felt in years, Murphy also had a physiotherapy session to help with his mobility issues.

While love and care are making a difference, the medical journey is still long. Murphy remains hospitalized, his anemia stubbornly persistent. We need to get his condition stable enough for a CT scan that will provide a clearer picture of the issues with his spine. Each day brings small but significant steps forward, and Murphy, ever so cautiously, is starting to emerge from his shell.

Your support is critical at this juncture. Murphy needs you—your love, your positive thoughts, and yes, your donations. This beautiful, sweet, and tender dog deserves a chance to experience a life filled with love and free from pain. You’re everything he has right now. Together, let’s turn the page to a new chapter in Murphy’s life.

Please donate. Help us continue to change the life of this extraordinary dog.



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