How could they do this to him?

We want to give you an important update on Murphy, our most recent rescue. Murphy was found at the start of this week, lying lifelessly next to a garbage container. Immediately, we rushed him to the hospital to begin the critical work of restoring his health.

The good news first: all infectious diseases have been ruled out. However, we have two significant concerns. First, Murphy is suffering from ferropenic anemia, or low-iron anemia. We’re addressing this with targeted medications, iron supplementation, and nutritious food to bolster his system. Second, and more worryingly, we’ve discovered a narrowing in the canal that houses his spinal cord. This constriction is causing neurological issues that impairs his ability to urinate.

As of now, Murphy remains in the hospital, undergoing further tests and treatment. But he’s a fighter, and with your support, he can face these challenges head-on. 

So here’s our appeal: Murphy needs your love, your positive energy, and yes, your financial support to continue his recovery journey. The medical costs are piling up, and we are committed to giving him the best care possible. Your donations will go directly to cover his medical expenses and rehabilitation.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community. Together, we can give Murphy the life he deserves.



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1 thought on “How could they do this to him?”

  1. Hello Viktor

    How is poor we Murphy doing. It’s terrible that poor wee Murphy is gong through so much trauma ~ I do hope that his anaemia gets under control and that something can be done for his spinal stenosis which is a painful condition. It’s truly awful that beautiful wee dogs such as Murphy, Chico bless the wee soul and all the others who come under your care have been abandoned with no-one to love them, no comfy beds to lie on and it breaks my heart xx 💔💔

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