We were not expecting this! They abandoned him in the worst possible way !

Yesterday, you met Murphy—a small, sweet soul found lying beside a garbage container, scavenging for food and water without any luck. His condition is heart-wrenching, and we brought him straight to our veterinary hospital to diagnose the root causes of his suffering.

Today, we have pinpointed several medical issues that urgently require our attention. His eyes, in particular, tell a story of pain and neglect. I urge you to watch the accompanying video to truly understand the gravity of his situation.

Murphy is fighting for his life, and his struggle has just begun. His road to recovery will be long and fraught with challenges, but we are committed to being by his side every step of the way. However, we can’t do it alone.

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3 thoughts on “We were not expecting this! They abandoned him in the worst possible way !”

  1. My faith in my fellow humans decreases with each case like this you highlight – but I am so thankful for wonderful people like Viktor and his team, thank you Viktor and the vets and everyone who helps save these poor little souls. So moved by Murphy’s story, I donate when I can and have made a donation for him. I hope you can save him.

  2. In memory of little chicco and to help sweet Murphy .
    Thank you so much for saving beautiful souls !

  3. France’s Slifko

    My heartfelt thanks to the many who dedicate their lives to ease the suffering these beautiful creations of God have endured. Each and everyone of them knows your unconditional love for them once they are rescued by your organization. I wish so much that I could donate to each one when rescued, but financial restraints just don’t allow that. Today I’m donating for our beautiful Murphy. I say “our” because I believe he is in the heart of each and everyone who reaches out to you in any way they can to help. In Memory of Chico, Thank You.

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