We found him abandoned by the garbage container, he’s fighting for his life !! 

This is heartbreaking. We have just rescued Murphy, a dog found abandoned beside a garbage container in one of our city’s neighborhoods. The condition he was in and the setting in which we discovered him unequivocally indicate that Murphy comes from a home. And not just any home, but one where he was watched over as his health progressively declined, only to be discarded when he became ‘inconvenient.’

After finding Murphy in this horrific state, I handed him over to my brother, who promptly rushed him to our trusted veterinary hospital. The initial diagnostic tests are grim. His bloodwork and other analytics show severe dehydration, malnourishment, and overall decline, raising specific concerns about the state of his internal organs. 

Murphy is not young, and his condition suggests a lifetime of neglect and loneliness. His exhaustion is palpable; he can barely lift his head. But when he does, his eyes—those soulful, expressive eyes—plead for help. And we intend to answer that plea.

Murphy’s treatment is ongoing, and we are running more comprehensive tests to understand what we’re up against. His care will be expensive, both medically and logistically.

Please consider making a donation to support Murphy’s treatment. Every bit counts and will go directly toward his diagnostics, treatments, and long-term care. With your help, we can provide Murphy with a fighting chance at a life he’s never known—a life filled with love, care, and dignity.

Please Donate, Help us save Murphy !

With gratitude 

Viktor Larkhill  

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5 thoughts on “We found him abandoned by the garbage container, he’s fighting for his life !! ”

  1. Jana Gilfillan

    For Murphy in memory of Chico. Prayers sent up on his behalf for a healing journey full of much love and kindness. Murphy you’re in the best of care now and the Lord is watching over you and may He bless all those involved in your care. Much love from Oklahoma…the Gilfillan gang!

  2. Thank goodness your team found him and got him to the hospital for treatment. He is under the best care possible, he has a great medical team working on his behalf.

  3. Hello Viktor I have added a further £5.00 to my monthly donation I already donate £17.00 a month to your wonderful Rescue . It’s heartbreaking all the rescues you take in and try to mend them. Chico really broke my heart as he did yours. I don’t know how you do it year after year. I know how much you love all your rescues. I
    hate dog abuse. Take care and please give Murphy a kiss from me 💙🐶🐾🐾 xx

  4. Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this website needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more,
    thanks for the advice!

  5. Joanne Anderson

    My prayers for Murphy to get well and happy, and for him to blessed with a family that will give him all the attention, love and care that Murphy deserves. He is a sweet dog and I hope he has a long happy life.🙏🐕❤️

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