Chico has left us

Today we say goodbye to Chico, a dog whose tenacity was as boundless as his spirit. The tragedy of this story isn’t just that Leishmaniasis claimed another victim, but that even unparalleled willpower and grit couldn’t triumph over this devastating disease.

Chico was a fighter, in the most unambiguous sense of the term. When he was first brought into our care, he was already knocking on death’s door. But this wasn’t merely a story of survival—it was one of transformation. Chico didn’t just recover physically; he underwent a spiritual metamorphosis, unfurling like a flower with each sunrise. He moved from being paralyzed by fear to freely circulating around our clinic, sharing fleeting moments of joy and solace with patients, doctors and nurses alike.

Despite round-the-clock care and an outpouring of community support, Chico’s health declined sharply this past weekend. We employed every resource, every medical advance at our disposal, but the course of Chico’s life was not ours to control. It’s a weighty sadness, one that settles like a shroud, dense as granite.

But let’s not forget the silver lining here: Chico experienced love, compassion, and dignity, even if just in the twilight of his life. This was made possible by the collective humanity of people who reached out, who prayed, and who donated.

As we mourn Chico, let’s also celebrate the indomitable spirit he represented—a spirit that continues to animate our purpose, influencing not just the lives of other animals in distress, but touching the very core of our own human experience. Chico’s narrative is more than just a pet obituary; it’s a testament to the resilience of life and a call to action for each of us. It underscores the profound impact of collective kindness, and challenges us to not just lament his loss but to be catalyzed by his life.

In honor of Chico, let’s keep the fight alive. Let’s commit to love more generously, to rescue more diligently, and to save more lives.

Goodnight, Chico. You are missed, but your legacy remains indelible.

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13 thoughts on “Chico has left us”

  1. So, so sad Chico has passed away. All because of human monsters grrrrr makes me mad!
    But thanks to angels like your team, he experienced love and happiness in the last few weeks of his life! It should have been that way for his entire life!


    Hola Victor,

    This news is devastating; it completely broke my heart 🙁 🙁 I am sorry. I loved this dog so much, even when living far… Kinga K.

  3. Teresa Poche

    You gave Chico a loving chance and a stretch of time for which he clearly was grateful. He felt the goodness of humans before he passed. Thank you for that…and all you do.

  4. Regina Walczyk-Brozinski

    Tapferer kleiner Kerl! Ich sehe dich hinter der Regenbogenbrücke,fröhlich spielen und toben mit deinen Hundekumpeln. Es gibt keinen Schmerz mehr und keine Angst,nur noch Freude, Spaß und Liebe! Irgendwann wirst du wieder vereint sein mit denen, die dich so sehr vermissen.

  5. Dear Viktor and all of Chico’s care team,
    thank you for the most beautiful script for dear Chico’s legacy. Tears rolling down my cheeks, I am so grateful for everyone’s efforts making Chico’s twilight so uplifting a transformation. Many memories, thank you Jairo for your tender care and shared hamburger. I am so glad to have shared this journey through several extras donations. A day of quietude and reflection. Chico always in my heart. He is shining like a star. 🙏🌠

  6. I’m watching this with tears in my eyes, I so much hoped that Chico would recover and even be adopted and experience a loving home as part of a family., and made several donations when I could. After so much cruelty and neglect, he still had a lovely sweet nature. I’m glad he knew a short time of love and care which he should have had his whole life . It was so good to see him wag his tail even when he was nearing the end. At least he knew he was being cared for and needn’t fear, that not all humans are cruel and evil. Thank you Viktor and your team and the vets who did their best for him. RIP Chico. xx

  7. Maggie Garcia

    I am so heartbroken that Chico didn’t make it. I was afraid to check my emails because I didn’t want to hear this bad news. I loved Chico so much, and I’m glad that before he left this world, that he knew what it felt like to be deeply loved and cared for by all of you wonderful people. And that love gave him the energy to truly enjoy life, if only for a little while. Chico will always be missed, and I will carry him in my heart with all of the other precious souls who have left us to remind me of love in its purest form, and how it’s always worth it to do all we can to help save these animals. I hope to see them all someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Till then, run free with the others, sweet, beautiful boy. You will suffer no more. God bless all the animals and everyone involved in helping them.

  8. Raymond Garcia

    I’m devastated heartbroken. I had a connection to Chico who reminded me of my dog that I almost lost. I want to thank everyone who helped Chico and those who donated to help him, continue the fight.

  9. Dear Victor, I am heartbroken for poor, sweet Chico. So, so sad that he didn’t make it but many , many thanks for you and your team who gave him happiness and especially love at the end of his life. The love he received will help his soul on its evolutionary journey.

  10. Chico, I’m so sad to hear that you have passed ~ it’s too awful the life you endured prior to Viktor rescuing you. It’s tragic that the best years of your life were filled with pain and cruelty. Bless you Viktor I know how much you
    Loved and cared for little Chico. It’s so sad that he never got to enjoy his new home. He was treated with much love by all the veterinary staff who took the utmost care of him. So so sad for this gorgeous boy. I remember when he was first rescued how fearful he was 😭😢 💙💙🌈🌈🐾🐾

  11. Susan Boothroyd

    Can’t stop crying,god bless you beautiful little boy Chico.No one in the world could have done more for a dog ,than the wonderful experts at your vets clinics.i am so very sorry.

  12. Denise Triest

    I’m so very saddened to hear about Chico. He knew he was loved. God will take good care of him till he meets you at the Rainbow Bridge. RIP dearest Chico….Run Free

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