In the worst day of his life… something beautiful happened !

In the disheartening reality that often accompanies animal rescue, it’s not every day that a glimmer of hope shines through. As many of you are aware, we are fighting  for Chico, a severely malnourished and ill dog. Chico’s situation is so precarious that he’s been walking the thin line between life and death. But today, something truly miraculous has happened amidst the suffering. 

Chico is currently in a critical condition at the hospital, where we’ve been fighting tooth and nail to save him. Just today, he received another blood transfusion. Our veterinary team, assisted by the brilliant Jorge Llinas, a leading expert in the treatment of Leishmaniasis , has been tirelessly working to mitigate the internal trauma that threatens Chico’s fragile life.

While this struggle ensues, a ray of light has broken through the heavy clouds. Patricia, one of our most cherished adopters, traveled all the way from the northern part of the country to personally meet Chico. Patricia wanted to let him know that if he pulls through this, a loving family is waiting for him. 

Patricia is no stranger to challenging rescues; she adopted Scotty five years ago. Scotty was one of our most complex cases—an incontinent dog who relies on a wheelchair for mobility. When Patricia saw Chico’s video, she was instantly captivated by his eyes, his ears, and above all, his courage in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Though their meeting was brief, we’re convinced that it has infused Chico with a newfound sense of hope. The room was filled with a palpable sense of love and belonging—emotions that Chico desperately needs at this moment. 

Chico’s battle is far from over. The transfusions, treatments, and around-the-clock care are expensive, but necessaryWe need your support more than ever. Your contribution will not only provide Chico with a fighting chance but also inspire other lost souls with the hope of finding a forever home. 

Make a donation today and become an integral part of Chico’s journey towards a new life

Together, we can turn Chico’s flicker of hope into a roaring flame. Thank you for being part of this incredible community that makes miracles happen, one rescue at a time. 

Forever grateful,

Viktor Larkhill & Team “

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5 thoughts on “In the worst day of his life… something beautiful happened !”

  1. ElizabethPeters

    Hope is eternal, we are all giving what we can both financially and emotionally for this beautiful little soul who has only known hardship and cruelty until he was rescued. Thank God for Viktor, his team and the wonderful vets who are doing all they can for Chico, the fact he has a loving home waiting for him is incredibly heart warming. I can’t express my feelings that Chico has a loving home to go to when he get’s through this awful disease, it’s beyond words.
    Let’s all keep praying and hoping for a good outcome for such a gorgeous little dog who never had a chance before. Needless to say I will be donating again when I can. Lots of love and hugs for Chico.

  2. Jennifer Ann Walker

    Such wonderful news that he has a family ready to love him when he is well enough. What fabulous people x

  3. You people are remarkable i do donate to you i wish I could give more ,give every one my love and respect for giving these poor animals a second chanc all my love Audrey,

    1. Peggy Bradley

      My heart breaks for the loss of this beautiful fur baby Chico! He fought hard & got to know love in the last part of his life. Which I’m sure made him know that he was not alone .Thank each of you for giving him this.
      RIP Chico You are for ever in my heart ❤

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