Chico remains critical … but I have some good news !

I’m writing from the hospital, where I am, alongside an incredible team, fighting to save Chico’s life. 

Even though the blood transfusion we gave him yesterday has worked and his red blood cell count has increased, he’s still bleeding and his condition remains critical.
But today, amidst this uncertainty, something truly hopeful happened. Our dear friend, Jorge Llinás, has joined us in treating Chico. Many of you know him, as together we’ve faced great medical challenges in the past. Jorge is one of the world’s leading surgeons and an expert in the study and treatment of Leishmaniasis. Having Jorge’s experience and knowledge in this intricate process gives us a lot of confidence and hope.

Chico’s situation remains critical, so I kindly ask for your utmost support in any way you can. Every little bit helps in these delicate moments.

Please Donate. Every contribution means another step toward Chico’s recovery. 

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6 thoughts on “Chico remains critical … but I have some good news !”

  1. I have a been praying 🙏 for Chico and I pray that God will guide the new doctor to save him so he will have a long and happy life that he so richly deserves ❤️

  2. Deborah Rouse

    Thank you for helping Chico and all of these precious dogs and cats. They all deserve a happy life.

  3. Jorge! So wonderful to see him again. Chico you have hope still. Gracias Team Let’s Adopt and vets, I am so grateful for everyone fighting to save Chico. 🧡🙏🥰

  4. Vera Georgieff

    Hi! I’m here again trying to help Chico; I’m praying to the Mighty to help him because he deserves to LIVE a very long and good life. He’s a trooper and, with all the help he can get, he’ll make it for sure. Sir Viktor, thank you very much for your huge heart, willingness to help those innocent souls, and never giving up.
    god bless you and your great team.

  5. Diana Hawkins

    I give you guys monthly but I just sent an extra $40 for chico. He looks so so sick. I am sending you all my love so that he gets better. I know that he feels the love that you give him, so that’s something we can hang on to for him.

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