The dog that brought a country to tears … of joy !

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience, as today’s video is unlike any other! We’re sharing with you the full rescue story of Noah, one of the most iconic rescues we have ever undertaken. Witness the emotional roller coaster from start to finish, complete with all the unexpected twists and turns that are a part of the unpredictable world of animal rescue.

Noa’s story had us on the edge of our seats. From her heartbreaking beginning to the unimaginable challenges we faced, you’ll be gripped by her journey towards a new life. 

Animal rescue is as unpredictable as it is rewarding. Noah’s story had its own set of challenges that we had to overcome, and we want to share each moment with you. The highs, the lows, the moments of doubt, and the ultimate triumph.

While we’re passionate about individual stories like Noah’s, the truth is, our mission extends far beyond just one animal. To continue our life-saving efforts, we need your ongoing support. 

Remember, your contribution isn’t just a donation; it’s a life saved, a family reunited, and a testament to the power of compassion. Please consider becoming a part of our donor family.

PLEASE DONATE, together we can make miracles happen…

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3 thoughts on “The dog that brought a country to tears … of joy !”

  1. Karon Goldman

    Noah was the reason I donated I donate every month as much as I can afford I have donated again not monthly for poor chico when I can donate more I will but victor I support you so much and your brother is fantastic with the dogs bless you all
    Karon Goldman

  2. Viktor:

    Thank you SO MUCH for producing this long video. Noa is SUCH a survivor! And you and your team are so incredibly committed. You all are inspiring. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!!!

  3. Ana L Camacho

    Oh my heart is so happy to see Noa my love again ❤❌❌⭕ i realy fell in love with her and have followed her story from the beginning. Noa you went through alot n you beat the odds.such a will to live….Praise God and the Vets n Viktor and every one that has gotten Noa to be the Queen bee of her home.its so good to see her so happy and barking thanks..❤🐾❤

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