This dog never felt loved in her entire life… until today

We are thrilled to share a heartwarming update on Abba, our brave German Shepherd who we rescued just last week. Many of you will remember the distressing state in which we found Abba. Chained her entire life, working as a guard dog, her body was plagued by tumors and her spirit crushed by years of neglect and solitude.

Today marks a monumental milestone for Abba: she has left the hospital and moved to our beautiful sanctuary, the Great House. For the first time in her life, Abba is experiencing the warmth of a loving home, the company of compassionate people, and the friendship of other rescue animals who share her story of survival.

While Abba’s life has dramatically improved, her journey to full recovery is still aheadIn just a few days, she will undergo surgery to remove the tumors that have afflicted her for so long. We are confident that, with the high-quality medical care she will receive, Abba will soon be able to live her life without the shadow of pain or illness.

It’s essential to emphasize that Abba’s transformation from a life of chains to a sanctuary filled with love has been possible because of your incredible support. Your donations have not only funded her medical care but also given her the priceless gift of experiencing life as it should be—free, dignified, and surrounded by love.

Abba’s road to full recovery is still a long one. 

Abba’s journey from a lifetime of chains to a future filled with hope is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together for a noble cause. Thank you for being a part of this miraculous transformation. We promise to keep you updated on Abba’s progress as she settles into her new life at the Great House and prepares for her surgery.

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1 thought on “This dog never felt loved in her entire life… until today”

  1. Lura Carpenter

    Abba looks very happy at the Great House. Since she has been chained up and isolated most of her life – she is free to run, sniff, and play like a dog needs. Hurray for you!!! You’re in great hands and will receive caring and love 🥰

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