A lifetime in chains, covered in tumors, thrown away like garbage

Meet ABBA, a beautiful German Shepherd with eyes that reflect years of quiet suffering but also an indomitable spirit. Kind, loving, and noble—these are the words that define Abba. Despite embodying these wonderful qualities, she has spent her entire life on a chain, serving as nothing more than a guard dog.

Imagine the sheer loneliness, the solitude, and the heartbreaking silence that Abba has had to endure all these years. The chain that held her wasn’t just physical; it was a chain that wrapped around her spirit, limiting her to a life devoid of the love and care that she so deserved.

Her body tells a story that her muted barks could not. Abba has virtually no muscle mass; her hip dysplasia causes her pain with every step she takes. As if that weren’t enough, her body is riddled with tumors. It’s painfully clear—Abba was never anyone’s “best friend.” She was a tool, a means to an end, neglected and forgotten.

Today, we break those chains. Abba has been rescued, and she’s embarking on a new chapter—one filled with hope, love, and the medical care she so desperately needs. We’re committed to giving her the life she deserves, a life where chains are a thing of the past.

Abba’s road to recovery is long and paved with challenges—physical therapy for her muscles, treatment for her hip dysplasia, surgery to remove her tumors. But we’re committed to walking this road with her, and we’re asking you to join us.

Please consider making a donation to support ABBA, medical treatments and her journey to a loving forever home. No amount is too small; every penny brings her one step closer to the life she deserves.


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4 thoughts on “A lifetime in chains, covered in tumors, thrown away like garbage”

  1. Diana Hawkins

    That is one of the things that I hurt the most … that breaks my heart the most:
    Dogs that are chained all their lives or kept in a crate all their lives.

    I have 3 at my house (a male kept 7yrs in a crate and 2 little females kept in a small area to breed).

    This happens a lot in the United States and I’m sure all over the world.. especially where you guys that are at.

    With all my heart I thank you. I thank you so much for helping her.

  2. Margit Lindner

    Abba never had a good time in her life so far. From now on and for the rest of her days this will change! Thank you!


    I love ABBA- wonderful dog 🙂 🙂 sending my love & kisses to her. Terrible owner who treated her like a slave, disgusting. WONDERFUL dog , from now on Abba will start living a happy life being loved and cared for 🙂 just donated $ 75 towards her treatment.

    Kinga K.

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