Heroic vet closes gaping injury on a cat !

Last week, we introduced you to Oliver, a courageous cat who has endured more than any animal should have to. Abandoned by his family, Oliver found himself battling life on the streets while nursing a terrible injury on his neck. 

Controlling Oliver’s infection was a painstaking task. Treating an animal with an open wound is hard enough, but when that wound is coupled with an underlying infection, the difficulty level shoots up exponentially. Open wounds are susceptible to bacteria, which makes the recovery process a delicate balancing act of cleaning, medicating, and monitoring.

Today was a milestone for Oliver as he underwent surgery to close his neck injury. These procedures are intricate, and much can go wrong, but Oliver showed us once again his incredible resilience. We are thrilled to announce that the surgery was successful, and Oliver is already showing signs of improvement.

However, Oliver’s journey is far from over. He still requires specialized care and will need follow-up visits to ensure his wound is healing properly and the infection has been eradicated. Oliver will also need a loving forever home where he can finally live the peaceful life he so richly deserves.

We can’t do this without you. Your support makes it possible for us to save lives like Oliver’s every single day. We’re reaching out to our compassionate community to help Oliver take the next steps in his recovery.

Oliver’s incredible journey is a testament to what love, medical care, and community can achieve. We are thrilled with his progress, but the journey ahead is long. With your help, Oliver doesn’t have to walk it alone.

PLEASE DONATE.  Your support means the world to us, and even more to Oliver. 

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