A Ray of Hope for Chico

I have just returned from the hospital where I spent the morning with Chico, assessing how he feels after the blood transfusion he received this weekend. The atmosphere was charged with relief and cautious optimism; I couldn’t be happier to share this with all of you—Chico is doing much better than he was just two days ago.

As many of you know, Chico has been through a lot, and this blood transfusion was crucial for his recovery process. Seeing him today, with a brighter gaze and a bit more energy, fills me with hope and the strength to continue fighting for his life.But our journey is far from over; tomorrow, we’re scheduled for another blood transfusion to further help Chico’s recovery.

It’s moments like this that highlight the incredible impact of your support. We still have a long road ahead with more medical procedures, including a complex trauma surgery to repair his broken humerus, and your support is more vital than ever.

Together, we can give him the life he deserves.


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2 thoughts on “A Ray of Hope for Chico”

  1. Get well soon Chico: you are greatly loved and good people taking care of you.

  2. Alice Ney-Wagner

    Hoping all the best for Chico’s continuation care and necessary needs to
    recover. He deserves all help and being spoilt by loving people.

    Alice, family and Alma

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