This cat has gone through hell…

Based on 18 years of animal rescue work, we can only imagine what Oliver has been through. When a cat gets dumped—often by the family it has known and loved—it generally freezes, staying in one spot for days or even weeks, unable to grasp the abrupt change in its environment. 

Finding food is a struggle. Contrary to popular belief that cats will just “find a way” because they’re natural predators, domesticated cats like Oliver lose their hunting instincts.  Thankfully there are wonderful people out there who maintain cat colonies. Often, these angels are women who selflessly wander around, providing these abandoned creatures what they need to survive.  Without these caretakers, the fate of these animals would be inevitably bleak.

In all these years I saw firsthand the complicated “politics” of street cats. Territories are fiercely guarded, and every cat, male or female, knows its place. Oliver’s gaping neck wound is evidence of such territorial disputes—a struggle for survival, perhaps for a mate or for some social interaction, imprinted on his skin. 

As we speak, Oliver is in the hospital. His neck wound is not just a flesh wound; it’s a portal to an underlying infection that must be treated with antibiotics before the wound can be closed. 

Oliver’s story is not just his own. It represents the untold stories of countless other animals who have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves. As we treat Oliver’s physical injuries, I ask you to join me in healing his invisible wounds—the emotional and psychological trauma of abandonment.

How to help? You can do three things…

PLEASE DONATE: Your generous contributions will go directly towards Oliver’s treatment and aftercare.

ADOPT OLIVER: Open your home to Oliver. Give him the life he deserves. Write to me on

SPREAD THE WORD: Tell the world you’ve donated for Oliver. Make a statement that to you, he’s not “just a cat”

If you feel as moved by Oliver’s story as we are, please consider contributing to his journey back to health and happiness. Every little bit helps. 

PLEASE DONATE .. Help us save Oliver !

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