He has a HOLE in his neck !!

Meet Oliver, a cat who used to know the warmth of a family, the comfort of a soft bed, and the safety of a loving home. 

Tragically, Oliver found himself discarded on the streets, a place that proved to be a far cry from the domestic haven he once knew. Gone were the days of regular meals and gentle pats; instead, he roamed the streets desperate for food, water, and a sliver of shade under the scorching sun. 

The streets are an unforgiving environment for any animal, but for domestic cats like Oliver, the dangers are especially pronounced. Dodging speeding cars and abusive humans throwing stones or kicking are just the tip of the iceberg. Oliver also had to fight against his own kind for scarce resources.

When we found Oliver, he was in dire straits. A gaping hole marked his neck, a visible sign of a life hard-fought but also a dangerous infection brewing beneath the surface. Without immediate intervention to control the infection and close the wound, the consequences could be fatal.

We can’t stand by and let Oliver suffer, and we’re sure you can’t either. His life depends on receiving urgent medical care, and for that, we need your help. Your generous donations will go directly towards Oliver’s treatment—antibiotics to control the infection, surgery to close the wound, and the necessary aftercare to ensure his full recovery.

We often say that love can move mountains, and now we have the opportunity to prove it. If you’ve been touched by Oliver’s story, please consider donating to give him the life he deserves. Just a little from each one of us can make a huge difference in Oliver’s life.

PLEASE DONATE .. Help us save Oliver !

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