Thousands saw this dog on the streets… no one did anything!

Yesterday we rescued Chico, a sweet dog abandoned by his family to the harsh reality of the streets.

Imagine, for months, this innocent soul wandering, every day a battle, feeding on remnants from garbage, scavenging for the slightest drop of water to quench his thirst.

Yet, the street’s challenges proved too much for Chico. Alone and weakened, he stood on the precipice.

Now, Chico is under our care, in the sanctuary of our hospital, surrounded by a dedicated team of vets, fighting every second to keep him with us. His condition is heart-wrenching. He’s not battling just one, but *three* perilous diseases all caused by parasites: Leishmaniasis, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis. His blood, vital for survival, now resembles water. He is in dire need of a blood transfusion.

Thousands saw Chico agonizing on the streets. No one did anything. Chico was nearly killed by human indifference.

I am reaching out to your kind heart today. We need your support. Your donation, no matter the size, could be the difference between life and death for Chico.

Please help us give Chico the fighting chance he so desperately needs.

Please Donate and SHARE, Help us tell Rico’s story to the world…

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6 thoughts on “Thousands saw this dog on the streets… no one did anything!”

  1. Just made another donation – can’t bear to see the suffering this poor little soul is going through. Thank you Victor for saving him.

  2. Vera Georgieff

    Hi Viktor! Breaks my heart seeing the condition of this angel Chico who NOBODY (at least thousands passing by) had the DECENCY to stop and help him; is just unbelievable, nowadays, NOBODY cares anymore, no more HUMAN BEINGS in this world anywhere. I just cannot stand such cruelty and for what purpose? Is it so costly to stop, get this poor soul, take him to a vet, to any rescuer, or even take him home for the first help response? I’m sorry but I just cannot SWALLOW any cause what soever. Thanks for your HUGE heart and care.

  3. Dont have much at the moment but cant stand to see this poor poor baby in that condition so sent what i had, i hope it helps.

  4. Diana Hawkins

    What a miserable life this dog has had.. I made a donation yesterday specifically for him and I do a monthly for you guys but I’ll send another one for him too in a few days. Poor baby I hope he gets better. I hope that we can see a day that he smiles. Thank you for helping him.


    Oh my God, I cannot believe my eye! HORRIBLE people ( owners? ) who abandoned this WONDERFUL dog just like that, and TERRIBLE people who passed by and ignored this WONDERFUL dog. Where is the humanity in human beings, I don’t know. Chico is a wonderful lovely and very friendly dog- just look at his eyes- begging for help! Thank you so much for coming to his rescue- I LOVE this dog- he is so special, a survivor. Chico will be fine, he will live long, he is very lucky to be saved by you – he will need a lot of treatment and it will take time, but he will live a beautiful happy life , I can see it. Donating $ 100 for Chico’s treatment- please help him and keep updating me who he gets on, muchos besos, Kinga K.

  6. Judith Bartlett

    Thank you so much Viktor for helping Chico, driving all that way to get him, & thanking all the team for loving care of him, & blood transfusion etc. 💕
    I have donated, wish it more, tho as a community we are powerful 💖💸 ~ thank you for all donations 🙏
    Heaps of Love & Blessings to beautiful sweetheart Chico, & apologies to him for soo much suffering & may humans be aware & proactive to care for all life ❤️

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