Rescuing an Emaciated, Injured dog in Critical Condition from the Streets. Please share!

I’ve just returned from a 14 hour rescue mission where my brother and I saved a dog in truly heartbreaking condition. 

We first came across him yesterday. Someone spotted him on the streets, scavenging for food from the trash. We have called him Chico

He is emaciated, infested with parasites, he has multiple bone fractures and clearly on the brink of death. 

Words cannot convey the depth of my emotions at this moment but i can tell you something, we are going to do everything we possibly can to save him.

Please Donate, Help us save Chico!

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6 thoughts on “Rescuing an Emaciated, Injured dog in Critical Condition from the Streets. Please share!”

  1. Vera Georgieff

    My God Viktor, please tell me WHERE, in which COUNTRY this poor angel was DYING and those PASSING BY MONSTERS doing nothing to help. I just can’t stand such monstrosity; none of those who saw him (even not showing that) can be called a HUMAN BEING. It breaks my heart to see such an atrocity, to read about it, and to think that so much suffering could and should have been avoided. Why? For what reason? Honestly I’ll never understand such thing. I wish I could help with more money but, especially having my 6 pets, I cannot send more money. May God bless you both.

  2. I just have made a donation for Chico. Take care to this poor baby. Lol Carla

  3. Marguerite Harrington

    I just donated 25 dollars for this previous dog but as I live in France it came off as 23 euros. Hope this is alright !

  4. Martha Weber

    My heart is breaking seeing such misery in a helpless, gentle animal, knowing that this could have been avoided if only SOMEBODY offered him help. Your organization with its dedicated, loving staff is wonderful. I would be remiss if I also didn’t also acknowledge the wonderful vetinarians and technicians at Benissa Animal Hospital, who also care deeply about all animals in their care. I have made a donation of as much as I can at this time, as I have made your rescue organization my priority when donating. I hope that my donations are helping, no matter how small. If all would send a little bit, it would add up and help so much. I pray that Chico pulls through this and ends up living a wonderful life – something he could never have imagined before you saved him. -Martha, Florida, USA

  5. Lynnette Brown

    Indifference & complacency by so many people with regard to the plight of these precious creatures is appalling!
    How so many could pass & ignore the poor, sad, desperate & pathetic little Chico is beyond comprehension! Some people are totally devoid of compassion😢😢 IT IS HEARTBREAKING TO SEE ANY ANIMAL IN SUCH A NEGLECTED & SOUL DESTROYING CONDITION💔😿😭

    Chico is safe now that he is with the wonderful Viktor & his amazing team.😇😍😇 GOD BLESS YOU!
    I pray that Chico will recover & go on to live the happy & fulfilling life that he deserves!! 🙏🙏 💘🍀💘🌿💕

  6. Lynnette Brown

    I am a proud member of Patreon, I donated extra for Chico last week & will donate more next week🌿 💕🙏💘😿😿💘💕🌿

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