They broke her leg and abandoned her to die!

We’ve named her Bianca. 
She’s a magnificent dog, found abandoned with a broken leg in the vast fields beside the highway.  Her limp was pronounced as she desperately tried not to put weight on her mangled leg. 

A local rescue team discovered her and took her to a vet. However, they soon realized they couldn’t afford the expensive surgery she needed.  Their only alternative was to amputate her leg, which would leave Bianca with a permanent limp.  Fortunately, they reached out to us for assistance. I dispatched my brother to retrieve her.

Upon assessing the severity of her injuries, I immediately took her to our hospital for surgery. When Dr. Isidor saw her he held his breath...

Bianca is now at our hospital, prepping for her operation.

Bianca needs your help. Every donation, no matter the amount, will help us cover the cost of her surgery!

Let´s give Bianca the second chance she deserves!

Please donate, Help us save her…. 

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7 thoughts on “They broke her leg and abandoned her to die!”

  1. Margit Lindner

    Bianca is such a beautiful dog. And she seems full of trust now knowing that she will receive help. I hope she will run again!

  2. Gorgeous Ibizan, thank you for hours of driving to her rescue. 🧡🙏 I donated, along with Patreon and membership donations. Blessings for her full recovery. 🐾🌹

  3. Martha Weber

    So many hunting dogs horribly injured and abandoned. Such cruelty. Bianca is in a wonderful place full of love now and will receive the best care possible. I hope she will be able to walk again.

  4. Lorraine F

    Donation for Bianca, or wherever it is needed.
    You perform miracles.

  5. Kinga Kozak

    Lovely dog, Bianca $ 100 towards her operation – THANK YOU for helping her!

  6. Sheena Campbell

    I donated today 20 dollars today, 11 August 23, towards
    Bianca medical costs. Please acknowledge that this sum will be used towards Bianca’s care. p.s. There was no reference slot on the PayPal page. Please keep me updated.

    1. Thank you Sheena… it’s confirmed it will be used for Bianca’s care.. as soon as we have scheduled a date for surgery I will send you an email… please keep an eye on our Youtube page…

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