He didn’t deserve this!


Champion is in an extremely complicated health situation. He is experiencing pain and instability that prevent him from moving normally or even standing upright. We are preparing to carry out a computed tomography (CT) scan on Champion. This is a detailed medical procedure that requires him to remain completely still, so it will be necessary to sedate him to ensure maximum precision.

The sedation for Champion is as safe as possible within sedation procedures. Although we have taken all possible precautions, there are always inherent risks that we must assume. All this is done with the intention of fully understanding his condition and being able to provide him with the treatment he needs.

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2 thoughts on “He didn’t deserve this!”

  1. Brenda L Mason

    I’ve been a follower and a donor for quite a while now. My comment is coming from my age, which is 83 years – near my natural lifetime end, although I am quite healthy. I wouldn’t want “heroic” measures taken to prolong my life and that is written into my will. I feel a strong connection with poor little Champion. I believe that if he could have his say, he would choose to just drift off into never, never land via a kindly administered euthanasian injection. I know there is a difference between what humans can understand and what dogs know, but these are my thoughts concerning Champion. Please let him be at peace.

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