Sweet old Yorkie betrayed by his family!

Champion. Yorkie betrayed by his family

Champion has had a family for 15 years, a family that unceremoniously dumped him, without looking back, at the pound to be killed. He is unable to stand and his mouth is full of rotting teeth.

He must have been in pain for a long, long time… we’re going to do our best to make sure that this little dog is comfortable for the rest of his life, however long that may be!

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5 thoughts on “Sweet old Yorkie betrayed by his family!”

  1. Best wishes for sweet Champion. I am amazed his blood panel is as good af it was. Thank you so much for his rescue. 🤞🧸 healing wishes.

  2. Just sent a donation. I will send more. I’d be interested in adopting Champion. I have had Yorkies most of my life. I presently have two now, a boy and a girl. I live in US, in Louisiana and would love information on how to adopt him when he’s ready. I have a wonderful Veterinarian here who takes care of my Yorkies. I also work in medicine and have for 27 yrs. I’m a Ultrasound/Vascular Technologist who also works in Cardiac Cath Lab and Radiological Interventionalist.
    Make my day by allowing me to submit adoption paperwork on Champion. Tell me how…

    Thanks for all you do.
    Your approach to medicine with such an open & passionate heart is what we need more of.

  3. Hi Viktor
    I don’t normally comment. And unfortunately, I cannot donate as I have 5 hospice dogs here in my home and a hospice, 2 legged extremely sick pittie in Thailand that I support. He is in a medical foster. I do have lots of background with dogs such as Champion. I also have found people who have dumped their dogs here at the shelters.
    A few suggestions:
    1-Every hospital has a HOSPITAL ETHICS COMMITTEE. Going to that nurse’s department head or hospital immediately following your call to her. Make a report to the hospital itself.
    2-from the looks of his teeth, he has NEVER been to a vet let alone have his teeth taken care of. Why are you surprised she “dumped” him when he obviously suffered with his teeth for many years. That you should ask her as well. She watched him suffer for years.
    3-Lastly, ask her if she has adopted a new puppy! They dump seniors here and walk out with puppies!

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