Alba Needs Your Help: Together We Can Change Her Destiny!


An urgent call led us to Alba, a kitten struggling to survive with a terrible injury to her tail. Her fear of people kept the local caregivers at bay, but the severity of her situation forced us to intervene. After a tense capture, we rushed to transport Alba to our hospital. Every second counts to prevent the risk of infection and sepsis.

Now, Alba needs your support. Your donation will help cover the costs of the surgery and urgent treatment that Alba needs. Every donation is crucial.

Please donate, help us save Alba!

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Donation Total: $50.00 Monthly

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2 thoughts on “Alba Needs Your Help: Together We Can Change Her Destiny!”

  1. Christina Owens

    I would love to adopt Alba,I have a 11yr old Abyssinian female cat named Lizzy that I adopted when she was 9 weeks old from A.S.P C.A. here in Baltimore, Md. I’m selling my house here in the city and will be moving to the county hopefully within the next 2 months. I would love Alba for the rest of my life and would give her the best forever home. ❤️ I love what you do and after I get moved. I will donate because I know there are so many more furbabies out there that needs you!!

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