A new life for Nicholas, the blind kitty!


Nicholas, the little blind kitten we rescued two weeks ago, is now in the Pink House. His days in the hospital are nothing more than a distant memory. Gradually, he is getting to know the other cats in the house. Despite being blind, which makes playing a bit more challenging, Nicholas is showing an amazing ability to adapt. Every day is a new adventure as he explores the hidden corners of the house and finds new places to play and hide.

The most touching thing is that Nicholas is experiencing what it means to be loved for the first time in his life. Every step he takes, every meow he makes, is permeated with the affection and attention we give him.

Nicholas’s fight against mega-oesophagus has been tough, but thanks to the medical treatment, he is now able to ingest food without vomiting. It’s a small step, but it marks a significant milestone in his recovery journey.

It fills us with pride to see Nicholas grow and adapt to his new life. It’s a constant reminder of why we do what we do: to give a second chance to animals like him.

And even though the road ahead is still long, we know that Nicholas is in the right place, surrounded by love and care.

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