They beat this puppy so hard that his head separated from his neck!


He’s just a puppy! 7 or 8 months old, living on the streets, fending for himself, with evil people wanting him gone. Roy is in pain, he has a strange gait and he tilts his head on one side… he has had a CT scan to find out what is wrong. Roy has suffered a blow on his neck, such a heavy blow that his cervical bone has moved out of place! Roy will need surgery… and this is not going to be easy.
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8 thoughts on “They beat this puppy so hard that his head separated from his neck!”

  1. Everything will be ok!!! Thanks for helping with a good heart!!! We always need to compensate what other humans do so bad . . Unfortunately

    Best regards

  2. Martha Weber

    From the instrant I began watching this video, I cried. There is no other species as cruel as a human. This poor baby has a long and difficult road ahead of him, but I know he is receiving the best care and love anyone can give. I hope he recovers well and finds a wonderful, loving home full of happiness.
    -Martha Weber, Spring Hill, Florida

  3. I have just seen poor Roy i will sell items tomorrow and get some money together to help him.Some people are so cruel , he’s scared but still looking for human contact and love💕

  4. Suzy Morrison

    I still don’t understand what motivates people to be so cruel…he’s a beautiful gentle boy…what could he have done to prompt such cruelty????

  5. Please leave me an address so I can mail a donation. Have several family members with covid and my sister is in the hospital, so it has been hectic. I do want to help this dog. Thank you. Joanne

  6. Susan jack

    It disgusts me that people do this to animals, I don’t know how they sleep at night, or have any sort of normal relationships. So sorry Roy for their behaviour were not all bad

  7. Birgit van de Sand

    What a great dog Roy is.donated something for sweet and full of trust,even though some people hurt him in the worst way.I am horrified and have cried so.I hope there is a karma and those who did this to Roy will be punished for it.I don’t have the words to express my anger,but for the perpetrators I have unspeakably bad thoughts. Thank God, Roy came to the clinic because of you – the clinic staff are always so loving with all the animals and the doctors are doing their best.I hope the same for Roy.Thanks to everyone involved in Roy’s rescue and recovery. I pray for Roy.Hopefully the surgery will be successful and

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