People from the world over rally to save this dog!


Noa has come so far… we cannot leave her alone now! She had your help in the past and now she needs it again. Now that she has a good life, she deserves our help to enjoy it for longer! Noa needs us, and we need you!

Please donate, help us save Noa!

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Donation Total: $50.00 Monthly

8 thoughts on “People from the world over rally to save this dog!”

  1. This is not fair. We love you Noa .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hello,
    I cannot give more than 5 euros, coz I am retraitée.
    But if a lot of people give just the same, it will help you for this beautiful and amazing Noa 😍
    Je ne peux donner plus car je suis retraitée.
    Mais, si beaucoup de personnes donnait la même somme, cela aiderait pour pourcette belle et gentille Noa.

  3. Amelia Gacuya

    Donation for Noah’s operation. Please give us updates. Thank you.

  4. Francy Martinez

    I made a donation for Nora please I’m sending All my love I would like a update on how Nora is! Please save her! Thank you for all the hard work y’all do on saving these fur babies

  5. Frances Slifko

    For beautiful Noa. I wish I could do more. I join my prayers with the many others from around the world that she will come through the surgery and have an excellent recovery. The world needs your organization, care, total dedication, and love for these animals. Please stay strong.

    1. Hi Mary, it is also possible to make a donation by bank transfer:

      Stichting Let’s Adopt International
      Account number (IBAN): BE63 9671 5560 1908
      Wise Europe SA. Avenue Marnix 13-17. Brussels 1000, (Belgium)


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