I have bad news… it’s about Rocco!


We rescued Rocco from isolation, but a lump on his side has turned out to be a mastocytoma… a very aggressive kind of tumour. It has to be removed without delay… and he has to be checked for possible metastases. Rocco needs our help, and we need yours!

Please donate, help us save Rocco!

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5 thoughts on “I have bad news… it’s about Rocco!”

  1. Birgit van de Sand

    Alles Gute für Rocco.Ich bete für ihn und hoffe,das ganz viele Menschen für Rocco Spenden.Ihr seir insgesamt ein fantastisches Team.

  2. Christopher H. L. Owen

    Dear Viktor,
    I watch and am very impressed by all that you do in the efforts to save every animal that is possible for you to accomplish. I was immediately
    taken by Rocco, a stunning Boxer with the very typicl characteristics of happiness, appreciation, and energy so characteristic of Boxers in
    general. (the natural undocked tail accepted). I’m well aware of this having owned 6 Boxers throughout my life since my 8th birthday. My first, of course, being under the care and observation of my parents. Their names having been LOKI, Norse God of Mischief, 1-V1. My last LOKI V1 who I recently lost on my 83rd birthday!
    I attribute my longevity to all of them 1-V1, and despite Family concerns I’m looking for Loki V11. Perhaps Rocco.
    I pray for Rocco’s return to excellent health, and as to the degree I’m able contribute to his full recovery. Thank you again Viktor,

  3. Jeanne AlJabi

    I am a Patreon and you should have received my donation if 25.00 by now. I pray Rocco returns to good health. I love all animals but unfortunately I am 91 and no longer able to have a dog. I love watching your videos and seeing all the dogs and cats. Love the work you do for them.

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