Please look at this dog’s face… it’s a miracle he is alive!


He has been found by the roadside, too weak to continue. Thin as a rake and covered in fleas, we have called him Lucky. His condition is so terrible, that we really have no words… he is going to need a lot of support to recover from this, but we are determined that his new name will bring him luck in the future. While under our care, he will get everything he needs…
Please donate, help us save Lucky!

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12 thoughts on “Please look at this dog’s face… it’s a miracle he is alive!”

  1. Kay Kinomoto

    Sending a donation adding to my monthly donation for Lucky. I see that Lucky is a Border Collie and I have a special place in my heart for this breed as I have lived with one black/white Border Collie and now I live with Tina, a red/white Border Collie girl. I will be crossing my fingers that he doesn’t have any serious internal issue. And thank you for saving him. <3

    1. Pamela Selmes

      Please give us an update on Lucky, Pease God make him well with a loving family and let him be able to see x

  2. dawn Farrell

    Victor thank you for all you and the team do for these Animals. Best of luck to lucky 💙

  3. Oh Lucky. You are in good hands now. Get well sweetheart.


    I so admire you for what you do for these poor animals. I wish I had loads of money so I could help you more, keep up the good work, and I will pray for you and all the animals.

  5. Hi Victor , Thank you so much friend for doing the work and having compassion for all the helpless and hopeless animals. You bring a light of hope , and love to these dear precious creatures. God bless you abundantly. We’re rooting for you Lucky
    you hang in there baby, your in good hands now
    We love you

  6. Cynthia Lee

    Bless you and your team for all you do for the suffering animals!! So grateful you are providing love and care to these injured innocents. Thank you! 💛

  7. Maria Fernandez

    My heart aches when I see Lucky in this condition and I hope that with my small donation I can help him to get better soon. Thank you to Viktor, his team and the wonderful doctors who are taking care of Lucky.

  8. A.Lalleman-Koolstra

    What a beautiful dog is Lucky. Is this a border collie. We have had a border collie, and they are very smart dogs.
    I hope that it going fine with Lucky.
    I want to donate every month, but i don’t have a creditcard.

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