Look at this! Dog with huge tumour gets an amazing new life!


Alma did it! We did it! From her rescue 6 months ago, in brutal pain from a huge tumour on her leg, and after being shot at, she is now living with a loving family in her own home, where no one will ever hurt her again! Alma was terrified when rescued, but has learnt to trust despite her past. Dogs do not know the meaning of resentment… Alma, live long and prosper!

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2 thoughts on “Look at this! Dog with huge tumour gets an amazing new life!”

  1. Martha Weber

    Thank you so much for posting this ending to Alma’s journey from rescue to adoption. It is always sad and emotional to say goodbye even though you know a loving home awaits. You are a wonderful rescue organization.

  2. Carrie Byron

    🌹Hola Viktor! You’re a beautiful courageous soul. The lovely way you and your Veterinarian (sorry I don’t recall his name) jumped in tackling Almas INSANE monster tumor & brought her into health was LEGENDARY!
    Almas’ shattered Psyche was (in my own opinion) seemed every bit as challenging if not more- than that record setting monster tumor!! I’m interested In your opinion on Almas physical vs psychological/emotional challenges.
    Animals are such PURE SOULS! I believe that’s why people like you & (your subscribers) are drawn to them! Keep up the great work! This work is literally therapeutic for people! I love Almas life’s happy ending which you facilitated! Thanks 🌹Viktor. You’re Loved 🥰

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