Alma, goodbye…


Alma now faces the last step of her rescue journey. She has to travel to Luxembourg, to join a family that already has two dogs, a family that understands dogs, a family with infinite patience, a family that will give her all the love she needs and deserves. You have been present throughout her journey so far… will you help us to bring this rescue full circle? Will you help us to take Alma home?
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11 thoughts on “Alma, goodbye…”

  1. A monthly patreon here but wanted to give a little extra for Alma. Much love and respect for you, your team and VetClinics! ❤🐾🐾🐾

  2. Jana Exnerová

    Good luck, Alma. You’re a real fighter. May you be happy in your new home. You deserve it.

  3. Thanks for helping these worthy and precious animals. And thanks for taking my credit card. Many organizations I’ve tried to help don’t accept them and I don’t do PayPal or any other type of payment other than credit.

  4. Have a wonderful life with your new family.

    Blessings to all of the crew involved in saving Alma. Now I believe in angels.

  5. So happy to see Alma doing well! Those sad eyes are heart melting. I hope her new family will give her all the love & cuddles she deserves. Victor you are a savior. Bless you for all that you do for these precious fur babies. Thank-you!

  6. Such a deeply moving ,wonder-full-filled Life Story…So wonderful that thanks to your tireless,blessing devotion dear Victor and Team you truly gave now also to the adorable Alma the chance of a GREAT and happy new destiny with a caring,loving Family…I am delighted to be a witness of a renewed dream that now realizes…Blessings from the Heart and GREAT congratulations dear Victor,Alex and the truly GREAT Team of true Love and Devotion…THANK YOU ALL !!!

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