This dog was kept prisoner all his life, but nobody cares…


Freddie was rescued from a plot of land after living in complete isolation for more than 8 years! He is understandably wary of people. He hasn’t seen many and those he has seen have not treated him well. Not only does he have a small tumour, which will be removed soon, but he appears to have a problem with his back. He deserves to spend his last years in peace and comfort, without pain and being loved and respected. And we need your help to see this through!

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4 thoughts on “This dog was kept prisoner all his life, but nobody cares…”

  1. Alan-Charles Ellaway

    I appreciate the honesty and the confrontation of facts. Bless you for helping this little one.

  2. Shirley Jacobs

    I think more women watch these videos than men do. But I’m grateful to you for all you do for the animals, & I’m glad to be a Patreon.

  3. Kathleen Webb

    You do great work. I would like to see the outcome of Freddie

  4. Zara Benton

    In memory of beautiful Mary, who I wanted so much to live and have a family to love her forever. I make a donation with love and prayers to Freddie in the hope that he will be saved and recover from his tumour and other ailments. I pray for him to have a new life, with people who will give him what he needs and who will truly love him for the time he has left.

    My gift to you Freddie in memory of one who God called Home ~ sweet Mary ~ she was needed so much in Heaven to care for the little ones who also had no one to love them. She would have made such a beautiful kind and loving Mama dog. She lives on in those who are rescued and can be saved and helped now.

    Run free beautiful Mary and watch over sweet Freddie for the rest of his life please. We will not forget any of you who rest in Peace now ….. OTRB. We look to the stars an find you all in our hearts …… God bless you Freddie, be safe, be loved and be happy at last. xxx

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