Shocking! Dog forced to spend a lifetime in isolation!


Can you imagine living in isolation for 8 long years, 8 summers, 8 winters… completely alone and ignored? When we heard about Freddie’s predicament, we didn’t hesitate to rescue him, although we had to give him a sedative hidden in food to do it. Freddie’s owner had already let other dogs die on that piece of land! We couldn’t let that happen to Freddie. We are focusing on his health right now, including that tumour, which will be removed as soon as it is safe to do so. Then will come the need for patience, to convince Freddie that he is loved and we are here to help him… this is going to be a process, and we really need your help!

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3 thoughts on “Shocking! Dog forced to spend a lifetime in isolation!”


    So sad for this pup- this so called human needs to be charged with animal abuse

  2. Chris Mitchell

    Poor thing. This is so sad. He is a beautiful boy who deserves so much more in his life.
    I hope his future will be filled with happiness and love. Thank you for saving him. Xxxx

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